Don’t Forget: Save the Contemporary, Save the World

Book Cover Don’t forget – spread the word, win a Flip Video.

Want the details? They’re all here. Graphics for sharing and caring are below the fold. Deadline is midnight CST Sunday, 25 January.


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  1. 1
    Cheryl says:

    Hoo-Yah!  Bring back the contemporary!

  2. 2

    Perhaps I can make this relevant to my blog. I wouldn’t mind more reading material, OR a Flip video camera. I think the widgets are a fascinating marketing tool, though I’ve never thought to post one before. I like the idea of linking it with a contest though.

  3. 3
    SisterZip says:

    I am too burned out on historicals.  All I read anymore are romantic suspense & contemporary.


    Sign me up!

  4. 4
    ev says:

    I think I managed to get them posted on both Myspace and Face book.

    At least I hope I did. I sent an email to you.

  5. 5
    DBN says:

    I put the link on my site!  I am going to make sure you get all 2 of my readers!  ;) 
    Oh, wait… I think you are one of them.  Crap.

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