$5 Coupon toward Ravenous Romance

If you’ve been thinking of trying out new e-pub Ravenous Romance, they’re making a big fiver of an offer:

Between now and January 31, Ravenous Romance is extending an invitation to readers to get a free $5 gift certificate to the site just by emailing us.  $5 will buy either one full-length novel or several short stories (Ravenous Rendezvous).  Requests should be sent to customerservice @ ravenousromance.com and gift certificates can be redeemed online at RavenousRomance.com

$5.00 US at their site will buy one full-length novel or several short stories, so if you’re curious, they’re buying.


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  1. 1
    Keira says:

    Sounds like a good deal… looks at TBR pile stacked three feet high… hmmm one more couldn’t hurt, could it?

  2. 2
    Danielle says:

    This is an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Thanks.

  3. 3
    Gram says:

    Great Offer!!

  4. 4
    JoanneL says:

    Does anyone recognize or have and recommendations for any of the authors there?

    Great offer, thank you!

    Spam word: reached71… Like I don’t have my own problems

  5. 5
    shirley says:

    One name jumped out at me. Yvonne Navarro. I know her because I bought a post vampire apocolypse/ sci-fi (not a romance at all, though if I remember right there might have been a romantic element between a couple of minor characters) nearly fifteen years ago called “Afterage”. I freakin’ loved, no luuuuurved it! I think, hope, it’s the same Yvonne Navarro, at least.

    Cameo Brown has a few books out at other e-pubs, too.

    Now, I’m waiting until I get that gc to see whether or not Yvonne is as good as I remember and if Ravenous will end up on my trusted e-pub list.

  6. 6
    Sticky says:

    New turn down a free book!  Thanks so much!

  7. 7
    Keira says:

    So I sent an email but I haven’t seen them respond? Did others get an immediate response? I’ve read and reviewed Jamaica Layne before (Market for Love, which I enjoyed) and she has a new one out called Knight Moves but I haven’t read it.

  8. 8
    Holly says:

    Hi Keira—thanks for your interest.  We will send your gift certificate out tomorrow—we’ve been overwhelmed by the response, and are thrilled to share our content with so many new readers!  Jamaica Layne actually has two novels available on our site—Knight Moves and Vital Signs 1: I’ve Been a Naughty Nurse.  Both are a lot of fun.  She also has two inauguration-themed books publishing this week: Power Plays, an anthology she edited, and A Capitol Affair, a sexy novel about power in Washington. 

    We have over 75 books available now, and are adding a novel and a short story every day. Please browse through our site, and feel free to email us directly with comments.  Thanks, and welcome to Ravenous Romance!

  9. 9
    Rebekah says:

    I just sent an e-mail. What a great offer! I’d love to check out their site more.

  10. 10
    laurad says:

    I’ve gotten no response to the email I sent Saturday.  Note to RR: if you are giving something away, expect to get a large response.

  11. 11
    Michelle says:

    Hello Laurad, and Keira,

    We are very pleased with the response! All requests received since Sunday have been issued their free gift certificate.  Did you not receive yours? 

    For all of the rest of you, I am working on Monday and todays requests and will get them to you shortly!

  12. 12
    Melonie says:

    I have to agree with laurad and Keira. I sent an email 5 days ago(Monday) and haven’t gotten any type of response. I told my sister about it as well and got her excited, and she hasn’t heard from them either. [[tear]]

  13. 13
    Michelle says:

    Hello Ladies, I have sent out all requests through Wednesday, I am working on Thursday and Friday’s today.  Can you send me another email to customerservice @ ravenousromance.com with a subject line of Smart Bitches and I will respond immediately.

  14. 14
    Hmm says:

    You know I don’t believe these coupons exist.

  15. 15
    rae says:

    I sent a request last week for one of these coupons. Have heard nothing back from RR. From RRs responses on this thread I suspect they have decided to only send them to people who say they are from SB, after being inundated with requests for coupons. Perhaps next time you offer something free you’ll put a limit – first 100 or something as you appear to be unable to cope with demand

  16. 16
    michelle says:

    Hello hmm and rae, we honor all requests. (No limit)  They could have been filtered by spam.  If you have not received your coupon please email me at personally at michelle @ ravenousromance.com with the subject as smart bitches and I will send it to you right away.  (like I did for the others above).

  17. 17
    rae says:

    Funny how so many requests have been filtered by spam. I’m not that desperate to get a free coupon from a new ebook publisher of unknown quality.

  18. 18
    Sarah says:

    Hi!  I am not one to post on blogs, but I felt I just needed to say that I did received my coupon code via email.  I asked for the gift certificate code on the 17th and it was received two days later, in my Inbox.

    Also, I would like to say thank you for posting this code giveaway opportunity on the blog, and thank you to Ravenous Romance, as well.

    ~ Sarah :)

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