SB Sarah is excessively diverted

Want to see something adorably excellent? Pride & Prejudice told through Facebook updates.

[Thanks to Janice G. for the link.]


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  1. 1
    MaryKate says:

    MaryKate finds herself excessively diverted too.


  2. 2

    Oh, I am in raptures!! (Thanks so much for linking this. :)

  3. 3
    Yumiko says:

    Yumiko is positively overcome with hilarity

    Read P&P;over the summer for AP English.  This just made my entire day.  Absolutly hilarious, shipping it to a former english teacher xDD

  4. 4
    KimberlyD says:

    That is so full of win!

  5. 5
    SusannaG says:


    My favorite has to be:

    “Elizabeth Bennett thought that the pigs were got into the garden, but it was only Lady Catherine and her daughter.”

  6. 6


    Having actually just recently given in and joined Facebook myself (I’m Angela Korra’ti if any of you fine ladies would like to say hi), as well as a longstanding fan of P&P;(especially the A&E;version, because seriously, nobody glowers like Colin Firth playing Darcy), I am deeply, deeply amused. ^_^

  7. 7
    EJ McKenna says:

    Lydia Bennet and Kitty Bennet joined the group 1,000,000 Strong Against the Officers Leaving Meryton!

    This is gorgeous!

  8. 8
    Lindsey says:

    Oh, awesome! The original Hamlet one is really good too:

  9. 9

    Janice G. is full of awesome.[g]

  10. 10
    samq says:

    Samq thinks that was extremely funny.  And joins the group 1,000,000 for more Facebook novel adaptations.

  11. 11
    eaeaea says:

    Janice G. is full of awesome.[g]

    Agreed! Thanks for making my day – fave book summarised in 21st century-speak.

  12. 12
    chrocs says:

    The 1 in

    Lydia Bennet is going to Brighton with Colonel & Mrs. Forster!!!!1!

    is a nice touch.

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