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    Erin says:

    Read this after the fact… So why the hell was she supposed to fall for him, if all he did was be assy to her?

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    HelenK says:

    We have Monster spray too! I had a vanilla sheet spray from Bath&BodyWorks;that I never used and started using it for my kids as a protection against monsters. (Monsters hate sweet smelling things.) I’m almost out of spray and hope B&BW;either still sells it (or something like it -they probably dont) or we’ll stop needing it soon.

    We also had to add a Bad Dream/thought lotion into it when my oldest started having bad dreams. It’s a vanilla/lavender lotion from B&BW;and it gets rubbed onto their forehead. Both work wonders. I’m always telling other Moms about it.

    I really enjoy the live blogging even if I read them way after they happened. :)

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    DS says:

    Sorry I missed this. 

    If anyone else is having the problem I was having about not being able to see the circle and arrow—I had to adjust my “No Script” settings.

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    Joanne says:

    Several things regarding last night’s live blog:
    1- Thanks to Sarah & Jane & those of you working from a Space Station, it was great fun.
    2 – The novellas seem to work really well in that time-frame.
    3 – A romance with an unredeemable hero and/or heroine is not a romance IMO.
    4 – If I had been reading alone I would have stopped when the protagonists met and never bought the author again but the live bloggers (? LOL!) made me think that I should try another of her stories in a longer format so it was a WIN for the author & Harlequin.
    5 – Serendipitously I have been reading a story in an antho with Mia Ryan that is about 60 pages, which I think is more a short story then novella? The point being that it was quite good regardless of the length. It had character background, great dialogue, a decent plot, a “misunderstanding”, interesting secondary characters, mild sex and a HEA…. good short stories are not impossible just maybe more difficult.
    6 – I LOVE that softwear that makes these chats easy and fast! Thanks again.

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