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imageAuthor Leslie Kelly wrote me with a bummer of a story:

I just found out (too little too late!) that on Christmas night, Sirius XM radio had a 4 hour read-aloud of a Christmas story I did for eHarlequin last year! (This on top of finding out that the thing was offered as a free audio book from audible.com for the past month!)

Anyway, I had no idea, would have absolutely loved to listen, and was just wondering if anybody out there in romance land actually heard any of it. Is there any teeny-tiny way you could ask on SBTB?

I only found out because somebody wrote to tell me about the Audible offer, so I googled the story, and this popped up. Major bummer, I had about 20 members of my family here on Christmas night…what an absolute blast to turn on the radio and hear one of “Leslie’s little stories” being read out loud.

So – did anyone happen to tune in to their Sirius radio and hear her story? How was it? And DUDE how much of a bummer is that!



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  1. 1
    Morgan says:

    I didn’t hear it on the radio, but I did download it from audible! I don’t know if that helps, but thank you for the lovely Christmas gift, Ms. Kelly! Much obliged to you :o}

  2. 2
    Leslie Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for asking the bitchery for me, Sarah! I’d love to hear from somebody who actually heard it. (“if a tree falls in a forest” kind of thing, I suppose.) I can’t tell you how much I would have enjoyed turning on that radio Christmas night when some of my “oh, you thooooooose books?” relatives were here.

    And Morgan, I hope you like it. It was written as a free daily read at eHarlequin last year, so there are probably some clunky “re-capping” parts at the beginning of each of the chapters. But I still liked the story, silly caper that it is, and had fun writing it.

  3. 3
    Monique says:

    No!!  Say it ain’t so!  Man, I have XM and missed it!  I loved reading that story at EHarlequin; remember it well.  It’s one of the few I liked that are also funny.  Well darn!

  4. 4
    Grace says:

    Did not hear it, but just add a congrat’s, as well as a bummer on not catching it. – Grace

  5. 5

    Man, I’d be really bummed.  I don’t do audiobooks, but you can bet I’d want to hear it if somebody was doing this with a book of mine.

  6. 6
    CarolP says:

    As of just 3 minutes ago (12/30/2008 11:38 PM), I was able to still get the free ebook file from Audible.com.  I’ll take a listen to it tomorrow.  :)  Thanks for passing along!! 

    I’m already an Audible.com subscriber, so I don’t know if the registration process requires a full signup for a free book or not.  Sorry.

  7. 7
    GrowlyCub says:

    When I tried to get the ‘free’ download, Audible required me to sign up for a monthly fee of $7.95…. not so free after all.  I regretfully declined.

  8. 8

    I didn’t hear it on the radio, but I did download it from audible! A great listen either way.

  9. 9
    Ciar Cullen says:

    Whoa, back it up. They didn’t tell you this would happen. I mean, huh? It’s a very cool thing, but wouldn’t you have liked to been able to promote it? Am I the only one thinking this way. (And I won’t be surprised if the answer is yes.)

  10. 10
    Leslie Kelly says:

    Ciar…uh, bummer wasn’t the first word that came to mind when I found out about this. Clusterf*** did. I was very unhappy not to have been told.

    Thanks so much to those of you who downloaded it!! I really do hope you like it. And Growlycub, I honestly don’t know why it wouldn’t work for you without paying a subscription price. I have never purchased anything from Audible, and signed up and got it for free with no problem.

    Happy New Year all!

  11. 11
    joykenn says:

    Growly cub:  I was able to download it without signing up for a plan though I’ve been meaning to do so for a while. 
    Folks: if you’re an audiobooks fan, many public libraries allow you to download them for free to listen to.  I LOVE the audiobooks of Nora Roberts In Death mysteries.  The reader is great.  Audiobooks are nice when you can’t read—like in the car or when running or hiking.  LUVVV me some audiobooks.

  12. 12
    rebyj says:

    I got the download last night with no problem.

    The library audio downloads are awesome. It depends on your particular library as to what’s available. I’m not sure exactly how that works. Here in Nashville our library has Net Library and OverDrive audio downloads available.

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