Eight Crazy Nights: Naughty Tree Songs - the Winner!

Need another look at the tree? No? Well, let’s get to the winners, then.

Boy, oh boy,, did you guys Stand and Deliver when it came to cootch-tastic holiday songs. Holy crap.

Honorable mention to Kaishai for I’m dreaming of a white hoo-hoo and notably “Bonkin’ around the Vulva Tree. The actual song officially became 200% more bearable. Honorable mention also to AQ for the absolutely stunning version of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” particularly for the use of the word “sapid.”

Melissandre gets mad props for instructing the Merry Gentlemen how to make the ladies more merry. Rev. Smooth can preach here any time, particularly if there’s a round of Gloooooria, White Frosted Vaginas on the hymn schedule.

Chantel is totally awesome for reminding us to rest our merry merkins.

But verily, the wiener, I mean, winner, is catburglar who delved to map new depths of utter wrong with the truly joyful version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The Rod of Jesse’s stem has never been so… frosty.

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    Holy cow I missed that entire thread.  Thine dirty ditties didst make me titter at the twatter!

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