Buy One Get One 50% Off at Borders This Week

If you’re a member of Borders’ Rewards program, you probably got a hella-good coupon in the email this morning. From now until December 13, with coupon, you can buy one item and get the next half off. From books to movies to cookbooks to DVDs, it’s a rather good shopping options.

It doesn’t, however, appear to be valid for online shopping – boo!

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    RfP says:

    They have a separate “30% off one item” sale for online shopping this week.  If you’re a member, you should have received an email.

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    Becky says:

    “Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off” is never much of a deal for me.  First off, assuming the two items are the same price, that’s only 25% off the total.  Borders and Barnes & Noble have sent out multiple 30% or 40% of a single item coupons in the last few weeks.  I always end up with one book or CD or DVD that I need, and then I’m scrambling around for another one to get the “deal”- in the process spending more money.  Or, if I do have two on my list, they only have one of them available.  My gift-giving list is small enough that I can make multiple trips and make out better.  If I had a large family to shop for, all those trips might not be worth it, though.

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    Randi says:

    All the books included in the sales are: Patricia Cornwall’s Scarpetta; Vanity Fair Portraits; and Ersinger, by Christopher someone. not a great book selection, imo.

    Has anyone noticed that B&N;has decreased their coupon giving? I used to get a B&N;email offer about twice a week, and now it’s like once a month; meanwhile, Borders is sending them out willy nilly all over!

    many11: yes, I have at least 11 Borders coupons in a month.

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    Silver James says:

    I am a Rewards member and much prefer Borders to B&N;, but….several local authors have been told their new releases will only be available on line and not in the local store. Granted, they’re mid-list but their books have always been available prior. Since the sale to B&N;fell through, I can only hope that Borders doesn’t close it’s doors. I do know that if I get a gift card, I’ll be spending it ASAP after Christmas!

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    Becky says:

    The specific books are 50% off, no other purchase required.  The buy 1 get 1 50% coupons are good on anything in stock.

  6. 6
    Babs says:

    I remember when Borders had one location on State Street in Ann Arbor and took great pride in having at least one copy of loads of esoteric books! How times have changed. Back then all the staff were also serious “book people” so you could always get an answer if you forgot a title or author or only had a vague description of what you were looking for. Sigh…

  7. 7
    Randi says:

    Becky, you are correct about the flat 50% off for those three books. My bad. But I don’t see the buy 1 get the second 50% off for any books. My coupon just lists everything else (CDs, DVD,s games, decorations, etc). There’s nothing in my coupon that mentions buy 1 get 50% off 1 for just books…am I missing something?

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    Renda says:

    My fear is that since Borders, to my understanding, was not successfully sold after having been marketed and the stock is $1 a share, according to my husband who keeps up with that sort of thing, and the fact they are blitzing us with coupons, time is limited for them. 
    So like Silver said, use those gift cards quickly and return even quicker.

    nearly59, no, I swear, on my Saturday b-day I will only be 48.

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    ev says:

    Since the sale to B&N;fell through, I can only hope that Borders doesn’t close it’s doors. I do know that if I get a gift card, I’ll be spending it ASAP after Christmas!

    There was never any sale pending of Border’s to B&N;except possibly the international division. When the company was trying to sell off the international stores, the rumors of that started-that it was the entire company.

    There was some reorganization at the top- but that was because we were ridiculously top heavy with VP’s for the VP’s. And they cut a bunch of redundant positions. On the other hand, I got a decent raise when it was time this year. Our store was in the black long before Black Friday. I do agree that sometimes the selections really do suck. I don’t know who makes that decision, but they need to be straightened out.

    As for the coupon- the only books on it are the 3 mentioned. No others. I had no problem getting CD’s or DVD’s since I needed to anyway. And I know come January 1 I will have a bunch of rewards to spend.

  10. 10
    Heather says:

    Since the sale to B&N;fell through, I can only hope that Borders doesn’t close it’s doors.

    ACK. I hope not! Our local B&N;SUCKS. It’s basically only useful if you want a book that came out 2 weeks to 3 months ago (nothing newer because they never have new releases on time and nothing older because they never stock older books unless it’s Nora Roberts or someone equally popular)…. Plus, their employees are so rude when you try to ask for help finding a book. I’ve also found their management of new release parties (such as the Harry Potter series) to be extremely disorganized.  I’ll drive 30 minutes through traffic out of my way just to get to the Borders or hit Waldens up the street if it’s a new release.

  11. 11
    Kim says:

    Actually, I work at a Borders (Merchandising Supervisor, what-what), and the coupon is actually 50% for those specific books, PLUS B1 G1 50% for a bunch of other things—cookbooks, kids books, CDs, etc.—PLUS 50% off things like holiday wrapping paper and decorations and stuff, and other selected books. Just wanted to clarify.
    We didn’t get sold, but at least according to the CEO it’s because we’re now strong enough (aside from the stocks) to stay independent…we’ve been doing a lot of layoffs and stuff. They’ve already got planned new stores to open for next year; so far, in theory, we’re staying open.
    And *cough* most of us ARE serious “book people” who care about helping people and have a solid knowledge of where things are in the store, at least in my store, and we’re all worried about our jobs *cough*. Sorry if I sound a little, um, crazy, haha.

  12. 12

    I have to say, having worked right next to a Borders and now working a few blocks from one, I’m highly susceptible to their coupons. I wind up using them perhaps more often than I should though I am often lazy and just order from Amazon. Sometimes, too, when I buy a book at Borders, I’ll get an additional coupon from them.

  13. 13
    Mos Stef says:

    Becky- it seems the buy one get one is only for CHILDRENS HOLIDAY books and COOKBOOKS, not “all books in stock.”

    My security word was “economic28”!

  14. 14
    God says:

    I work there!

    Thanks for the free advertising!

    Its actually a pretty good deal on the DVDs cause they are so friggin’ expensive! And it is convenient for those people who want to buy a DVD as a holiday present AND get Dark Knight for themselves (like myself).

    Anyway, thanks. It made me smile to see you mention my place of work. : )

  15. 15
    ev says:

    Hey god- sorry you can’t be god- my manager at Border’s thinks she is!! And she will tell you so. sigh

  16. 16
    Lee Rowan says:

    Sorry, no pink pitcher’s briefs, but day-glo orange ones that have “WEAPON OF MASS SEDUCTION” on the front of ‘em appear in my book, Walking Wounded,  as a gag gift.  No pun intended.

    hah, “united28”  That’d be quite a daisy chain.

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