I’m thankful for many things, especially for you. For you who send me links to Large Water Butts and disgusting cookbooks and weird Friday Videos and all the man titty I could ever wish for, and for you who come and read every day, perhaps never commenting but always stopping by.

Back when Candy and I started our site, we had four readers: her, me, Hubby, and her friend in Singapore. We never expected that we’d have this incredible growing readership, or the community of stabbingly sharp, smart women who adore romances as much as we do, who argue respectfully yet gleefully embrace our love of ripe cussing, and who make our site better for your presence.

Our site amazes us every day because of you, so thank you. Thank you very, very much for making our site a part of your tour-de-Internet.

Enjoy your turkey.


The Link-O-Lator

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  1. 1
    katiebabs says:

    Thank you for everything both you and Candy have done. You ladies make things very interesting and lively. :D

  2. 2
    rebyj says:

    Thank YOU for having such a wonderful blog.
    I’ve had a hellacious couple of weeks dealing with family crisis in the boonies of Kentucky and as soon as I got back to civilization the very first click on the internet was here.  I came here to read and laugh and breathe!

  3. 3
    Mistress says:

    Aww, that makes me feel all gooey in the best possible way. Thanks right back at cha; for all the honest reviews, snark, man titty,  and dynamic book blogs you’ve inspired.

  4. 4

    Happy Thanksgiving, bitches!

    And thanks are spiked right back over the net to you for caring so much about your readership and the truthiness (because it really is a fantastic word) of the romance genre.

  5. 5
    Joanne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Two Special Bitches and those you love!

    Thank you for all the links and kinks and smart insights and, without a doubt, most of all for the snarks that make me laugh out loud and look like a loon to anyone around my comp.

  6. 6
    Silver James says:

    *passes turkey sammiches an’ pumpkin pie with huge mounds of whipped cream in the shape of huge mounds of mantitty*

    Awwww. Y’all are the best! Thanks for the laughs, and for making me think, and for giving me the courage to stand up and shout, “I write ROMANCES and I’m DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!”

  7. 7
    Bev Stephans says:


  8. 8
    Morgan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all down south. We’ve already had our Thanksgiving up here in the wilds of Canada, but nonetheless, I wanted to say howdy and thank all the bitches for the various things I have snorted up my nose whilst reading this site in my pjs.

    Thanks for the laughs, and for making me think, and for giving me the courage to stand up and shout, “I write ROMANCES and I’m DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!

    Silver, I am with you, baby. Romance Novelists/readers of the World, Unite! I have battled with the shame that has absolutely no basis, and I have recently decided to shake it off once and for all. What am I ashamed of? I get to write for a living. My stories make people happy. They affirm that love is alive and well in a world that seems so full of violence and fear. The fact that people still want to read about two people falling in love reinstates my faith in the human heart.

    So thank you, to all you acolytes of romance. To you all you who understand the value of glistening man titty and impossible scenarios that somehow work out for the best and secret love babies and billionaire greek tycoons and virgin widows, I send out my love and thanks and grateful embraces.


  9. 9
    Lori says:

    Right back atcha, bitches!  Thanks for making me laugh, pointing me toward some great reads, warning me about others, and helping take the edge off many a crappola day.

  10. 10
    ev says:

    THANK YOU to everyone here! I am so glad that I found this site to play on. You make my day, and usually bring me a laugh when I need it the most!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Turfucken!!!

    (Knew I would get to use that one someday!)

    spamword-present65!! This site usally brings me 65 of them everyday!

  11. 11
    Tina C. says:

    I’m thankful that I didn’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in years and I’m thankful that my son and his wife came home, if only for a little bit, so I can see my grandson, who is about to be 1 years old on 12/3/08.  And I’m so thankful that I happened across an article about Cassie Edwards, plagerism, and what Nora Roberts had to say about it because it mentioned Smart Bitches and even gave a link for this site.  I’ve been hooked since that first day.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hope it was a great one for you all.

  12. 12
    amy lane says:

    Thank you guys for letting me swear in the comments and not feel like a perverted lowlife, and thank you for letting me read and write romance, m/f, mf, and m/m/f and not feel like a perverted lowlife, and thank you for standing up for free speech and human rights and creativity because the only real perverted lowlifes are the ignorant tightasses who cannot see that there is beauty in all literature, even that bad shit.

  13. 13
    azteclady says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Smart Bitches and all the attending Bitchery!

  14. 14
    SonomaLass says:

    I, too, am thankful for the community of the Bitchery.  I am glad to have such a group of funny, smart, tolerant women to joke around with (and, sometimes, to be serious with) every day.  I am grateful for this place to share ideas about romance novels, and the life and love they attempt to reflect, and everything even marginally related (chocolate anuses and black-footed ferrets come to mind!).

    Thanks, Sarah and Candy, for being our hostesses with the most-est, and for all the insightful and snarky work you put into this site.

  15. 15
    Cam from Stockholm says:

    I’m one of those readers that never comments, but I always stop by a couple of times every day. Finding good romance in swedish bookshops is almost impossible, but you have given me so many good tips over the last year! Thanks for introducing me to Joanna Bourne, Julia Quinn and a lot of mantitty. Sarah and Candy, Im eternally grateful!

  16. 16

    Long time reader, first time snarker.  I came to this site from a link from Jezebel one day and have visited ever since.  Thank you for your most irreverent bitchery!  My writing partner and I are writing our first Romance Novel full of the luuuuurve ‘n’ such, and reading this site is a hell of an educashun.  Oh, how I throb for thee!  Throb I tells ya!

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