Romance Novel Censoring

I lift myself form turkey coma to link you to snortworthy cartoons. I want those stickers, like, now.

[Thanks to Beth for the link.]


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  1. 1
    Miri says:

    The snort worthy thing about it is if you read the scean and say Jesus in place of the censored word…

  2. 2
    Lori says:

    Please don’t give the nutters any ideas or encouragement—-you know there are people out there who would think this was a brilliant idea.  I spent one semester at a college that put a black band across Karen Allen’s bra strap when they showed Raiders of the Lost Ark on movie night. 

    I wish I was making that up.

  3. 3
    SonomaLass says:

    @ Miri:  OMG, that is too funny!  “his enormous Jesus…her heaving Jesus…her Jesus in his powerful grip…”  I would have snorted my beaujolais nouveau all over my keyboard, except that I have learned to PUT THE DRINK ASIDE before reading SBTB.

  4. 4
    annemjw says:

    Yay, SMBC! They make me endlessly amused.

  5. 5
    Dayle says:

    This seems dirtier to me than actually being able to read the words, because I have quite the imagination. Which I know is the opposite of the reaction they’re hoping for…

    I’m on a forum—for romance writers, no less!—that changed “ass” to “a**” when I posted my comment. I was deeply peeved. First of all, does anyone really not know what a “bad” word is if certain letters are replaced by asterisks? And second of all, what if I’d been talking about a donkey!?

  6. 6
    Cat Marsters says:

    Dayle, I once wrote the word ‘snigger’ on a forum and had it changed by an overzealous filter to s******.  I’d have sniggered at that, but I can’t pronounce asterisks very well.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    Ha.  This reminds me of my mum censoring my Barbara Cartlands when I was in elementary school—if she got to them first I’d often find that words like “breasts” had been laboriously inked out of the last pages.  Silly, really, because it was obvious from the context what the words were supposed to be, but apparently she felt she was doing her part to keep my mind out of the gutter.

    I’d have sniggered at that, but I can’t pronounce asterisks very well.

    I’m rather partial to “—ing”, as used unrestrainedly by Mr Tulip in Terry Pratchett’s The Truth.

  8. 8
    Silver James says:

    Dayle, I much prefer *a$$* or *$h!t*, and have even been known to sneak in the occasional *f(©k*, if the censure programs aren’t paying attention.

    Miri, like SonomaLass, I have learned to check SBTB BEFORE getting my first cup of coffee! I haven’t had to replace a keyboard in…oh…at least a month. *snorfle* [edit: of course, no coffee makes for typos and other unrelated trains of thought…]

    Happy Black Friday to all of you shopaholics out there. I’ll be here at home, safely out of your way.

  9. 9
    Barbara says:

    Well that certainly makes it interesting when you read it.

  10. 10
    ev says:

    Miri- I had the exact same idea when i looked at it.

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