Romance and Poop

Not sure what to get your favorite author this holiday season? Sharon Buchbinder can help.

Romance: it’s in the air. Go on. Click. You’ll thank me. And Sharon. And the person who thought that up.


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  1. 1
    Leslie H says:

    I knew those geese had it in for us when they attacked Fabio.

  2. 2
    ev says:

    awesome. I should get it for Heather for her new dorm room.

  3. 3

    I knew those geese had it in for us when they attacked Fabio.

    Snorts coffee out nose!

  4. 4
    J.C. Wilder says:

    That is hilarious. I can think of quite a few people I’d send that to…

  5. 5
    Phyllis says:

    ooooh.. And then to celebrate it, you can get today’s cake from cake wrecks ( Or maybe the one they link to from today:

  6. 6
    jmc says:

    I <3  Their Bittersweets for Valentine’s Day are quite good, too, in a twisted sort of way.  Candy hearts with snark instead of schmoop.

  7. 7
    amy lane says:

    Hey—bird shit once saved my marriage—I think they know what they’re doing when they cut loose!

  8. 8
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    Uh, not to sound really stupid or anything, but this WAS Photoshopped, right?  It looks like some of the birds are facing the wrong direction.

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