I know from email messages and stat analysis that our site has a good number of readers from India, and as hell and the handbasket seem to have made themselves comfortable in Mumbai, I hope our Indian readers know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep safe.

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    Victoria Dahl says:

    Thanks for expressing this, Sarah. The people of Mumbai are in my thoughts as well.

  2. 2
    Annmarie says:

    I’ve been horrified by this and am heartbroken.

  3. 3
    Hilcia says:

    Ditto!  Stay safe.  Our thoughts are with you.

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    Lisa Hendrix says:

    My deepest sympathies to the people of Mumbai.

    We have our own domestic terror today too—some poor temp worker was killed in the greed-stampede at a Wal-Mart on Long Island (others were sent to the hospital with injuries, includng a 8mos pregnant woman). And people kept stepping over the man’s body to go in—and refused to leave when the store tried to close when they realized what had happened.

    Assholes live everywhere. They should all be ashamed.

  5. 5

    I hesitated to respond to this post, because I feel rather helpless, having nothing to add but my good wishes for everyone in Mumbai.  But what the hey.  I’ve been watching the CNN-IBN live coverage since Wednesday.  It truly is heartbreaking and horrific.  I’ve got a mug from Cafe Leopold’s sitting on my desk right now, holding a slew of pens.  First place I ever drank a beer.  (I was sixteen.  Don’t tell my mama.)  Spent many a tipsy night there in the intervening years.  And to see the Taj on fire just… well… “gutted me,” as the British might say. 

    Mumbai really is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world—vibrant, cosmopolitan, energetic, and so incredibly welcoming.  I hope this nightmare is over for the city very soon.  Its residents deserve so much better than this.  (Not that anyone deserves this.  Ever.)

    I’m thinking of all those affected by these attacks, and giving thanks that my friends in the city are safe tonight.

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    rebyj says:

    My thoughts are with you all too.
    My family has been talking about what the solution to terrorism is. The men say more fire power, the women say education. I dunno, I just feel for those affected and realize it really affects us all.

  7. 7
    ev says:

    How do you find the words to express the horror and sadness of such an act?

  8. 8

    This one has been especially tense for those close to my family.  We have friends who are there (Americans) and have heard very little from them since this whole thing started.  It’s been very scary waiting to hear if even a text message has come through.

    My thoughts & prayers are with those there, with those who have family or friends there, etc.

  9. 9

    Another one hear offering prayers.  :(

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    Oddnari says:

    It was terrible, and much of the non-English media did report that the fatalities are way higher than projected.

    This gives an entirely new spin to the definition of terror. Who would have ever thought that terrorists engage in gunfire? We thought they were these faceless, nameless cowards who planted bombs and detonated them from safe distances.

    These bastards were extraordinarily well-trained. All of them were between the ages of 20 to 30 – the only terrorist who has been captured alive is 21.

    As an Indian who frequents Mumbai a bit, this attack has brought to the fore the – I hate to say this – evolving face of terrorism.

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    Tabithaz says:

    What pisses me off?  The headline of the Washington Post read “Dozens Killed in Mumbai Attacks.”  Then a few sentences into the article it was “over one hundred have been killed.”

  12. 12
    Oddnari says:

    *Snort* My faith in the Post has gone down quite a bit, and let me not get started on CNN…

    The reported fatalities are 160 but word on the street is that it’s way more – 160 are just the identified.

  13. 13
    Gennita Low says:

    It’s all so shocking and sad.  One of the rabbis killed was from my area.  He did a half-hour radio show every week which I sometimes listen to.

  14. 14
    Alisha Rai says:

    I’m American born, but visit family back in Mumbai quite a bit. I love that city so much. I’ve stayed at the Taj and the Oberoi and eaten at those cafes. This makes me sick, especially since my brother in law and nephew came with us on the last visit – we could have passed for Indians, but they would have stuck out like sore thumbs as white Americans. So scary.

    My family has been staying indoors for the most part, thank God. But when we finally managed to get through on the phone line, my uncle, whose best friend is a police officer, said the 160 is a gross underestimation. For one thing, they haven’t even begun to tally the police who have been gunned down in the line of duty. It’s more than a few.

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    SandyO says:

    My deepest thoughts and prayers to all in Mumbai, as well.

    A young woman who posts on a non-romance novel message board that I frequent lost her uncle in the attacks.  The internet has made the world much smaller.

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