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Today is a super busy day in my world (Freebird is 3?! How the CRAP did that happen!?) but I still manage to grab 10 minutes at the laptop.

I noticed that I’m very much a mood swing reader, in that I’ll glom onto a particular type of romance, then turn radically in a different direction. For awhile, I’ve been feasting on contemporaries: novellas, suspense mysteries, humorous, but straight up contemporary. Now? Historical?! YUMMY. I deviated from the line up of the TBR pile (for which I am giving myself a very hard time) and taking a side route through an angsty historical I picked up idly one evening and believe I have been sucked into.

Speaking of, let me ask you a question: do you want to know what I’m reading right now? Like, if I’m reading Angsty Historical that jumps forward and back in time, and I’m not sure what I’m thinking of it or how I’d evaluate it since I’m still Getting Into It, do you want to know what it is? Until now I’ve felt like naming book titles when I’m not sure what I think of them yet is somehow rude or teasing, and I don’t want to be a book tease. But hey, if you want to know, I’ll mention things as I read them.

Of course, if I’m reading a file I’ve emailed to the Kindle, until I look up the sent mail file I might only be able to say that I’m reading NC_Oc_R.PDF and no, I have NO IDEA what the hell that is. It’s like blind taste testing on the Kindle sometimes, because with some e-ARCs that I have, the title/author info doesn’t appear at the top of the screen.

I’m not usually big into angsty historicals, but it’s a foggy, rainy day here, and I’m tucked into the sofa cushions reading until nap time ends, and chaos descends, so it’s fabulous.

BTW, if you’re curious, I’m reading Carolyn Jewel’s Scandal. Due out in February.


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    Deb Kinnard says:

    I would sure be interested in what you’re reading now, and particularly if you weren’t sure about it yet. Some of my best reads have come from recommendations that started, “Ummm…I dunno about this one.”

  2. 2
    Sandy D. says:

    Sometimes I don’t want to read a long review, you know (though yours and Candy’s are better than most). Sometimes a couple lines is enough.

    I’m a moody reader, too. I “medicate” with books depending on what else is going on in my life.

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    ev says:

    My worksite hates this web page, so let’s see if I remember what I wrote.

    1- ereader’s have ARC’s?? How cool is that.

    2- I tend to be a moody reader too. From romance to sci-fi to myster/thriller to “mens” fiction. Depends on what my mood is, what is at hand and the moods can last for weeks.

    3- Tell us what you are reading any time. I think it is fun. Look what Doc did as he read. That was great.

    I have been here at work since 7am so no reading but I did get to get on the employee website and buy a bunch of stuff that the library doesn’t have even on order. So it hasn’t been a total loss. Hopefully I will be able to go home and read myself. It’s a rainy, dreary day here too. But the only nap times I have to worry about are mine, hubby’s and the dogs.

    Tomorrow we are heading to the auto show. I am not looking to necessarily buy a new one right now, but I am looking. If I find something I actually love more than my current 6 year old Rav4, I might consider it. But I doubt it. I just got rid of having a payment and my truck has now been hit 4 times- and I have walked away from them all with only a pulled shoulder muscle as an injury. I think it is my good luck charm!!

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    ChristineM says:

    Wow, if Freebird is 3, then that means I’ve been reading this blog that long! Probably longer, but I can’t remember!

    As for being a “moody” reader, I guess I go through phases. Mostly I read contemporaries, but if I’m really stressed out, I go for a Harlequin Presents. Occasionally I’ll read a historical, but since I’m around history all the time, that’s rare. Then once in a while I have to go to nonfiction. (I’m still waiting for the sequel to 1776. Darn you, David McCullough, for writing a fascinating narrative!

  5. 5

    I see nothing wrong with mentioning what you’re reading, and your current reaction to it.

    This also seems an appropriate place to mention something I’ve been thinking about lately, namely, I’d love to see more reviews here in general.  I say that in the full awareness that you two are both very busy ladies, and reviews are time-consuming things to write; I’m behind on my own recommendations on my website, so I know that very well.  I also say it in the full awareness that—what the hell?  I don’t read much romance!  I rarely if ever have read (or will read) the things you review!  And yet I enjoy reading your reviews, just as I enjoy reading the rest of the site, because some part of my brain likes thinking about a genre I’m not eyeball-deep in.  So while HaBOs are fine and well (I myself am a bitch who was helped out), and book giveaways, and all that kind of stuff, I find myself craving more reviews and similar discussions.

    (I have on occasion picked up things because of the reviews they’ve gotten here.  So my interest is not *entirely* nonsensical.)

  6. 6
    Silver James says:

    Noooooo! No reviews! No telling what you are reading!!!?!

    *chuckle* Just kidding. Though I have 30 books in my TBR pile and probably 20 more either on my library list or TBN (To Buy Next as opposed to BIN – Buy It Now). I need 36 hours in a day to get everything done. Seriously, y’all do awesome reviews and I’m always interested in what people are reading and why they picked it up and opened the book/file.

  7. 7
    sandra says:

    I really liked Carolyn Jewel’s LORD RUIN although it had a lot of flaws, most of which could have been fixed if she had had an competent editor.  There’s nothing new in the basic situation:  rake caught in compromising situation with spinster is forced to marry her, but there is something about the neurotic relationship that develops between them that I found fascinating.  Enough so that I put it on the keeper shelf. Spamword is need29, which would apply to the hero if 20 was some weird sexual position.

  8. 8
    gianna says:

    Wow. She should get a publisher with not only a money-back guarantee to back her up but also boydyguards and a restraining order.

  9. 9
    Papercut says:

    Wow, I just finished “Lord Ruin” and really disliked it. And wasn’t impressed with “My Wicked Enemy” either. I thought both suffered from the same flaws – the heroes were unlikeable assholes and the heroines bland, characterless doormat Mary Sues. But almost all the reviews I’d read for both books were positively glowing so I wonder if it’s just me.

    Back on point – Sarah, I’d love if you would blog about your impressions of “Scandal” in particular but more generally as well. And while I generally don’t go through phases of reading a certain genre, I do pick books based on the particular mood I have a taste for. I usually like to pick a different flavor with each book I read, though.

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