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Aztec, Mayan or Incan HaBO

You’re once, twice, three times a HaBO!

Deb writes:

Like most HABO requests, my description is very light on details.  It came out in the early 80s, I think.  It was a trade paperback and a historical.  The hero was some kind of Aztec, Mayan, or Incan royalty (yes I know there’s a difference, I just can’t remember which it was!) and the heroine was, of course, white and blonde.  At some point, the hero’s sister ended up enslaved as a maid to the heroine.  Later, the heroine discovered her maid’s true identity (royalty of some kind) and had the grace to be embarrassed about it.  After the whole ‘my maid is royalty and my boyfriend’s sister!’ reveal, all three of them leave for the ?jungle? to be with the Indian civilization.

Yeah, I know this is a huuuuuge longshot, but it’s been bugging me, and I figured there’s no harm in asking.  It was one of my very first ever romance novels, and I’d love to be able to find it again.  Thanks!


Help a Bitch Out

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    Lisa J says:

    To Love and To Conquer by Joyce Verrette.  I have the book at home and it is a re-read for me.  The hero is a Mayan officer and the maid is the Mayan Queen.  It has been a keeper for me.  Now I’ll have to find it and re-read it.

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    Lisa J says:

    I lied they are Incan not Mayan.  Sorry.

    I was so excited about being first.

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    Katy says:

    Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I had submitted this book to the HABO queue as well!  It’s wonderful to know I’m not the only one who enjoyed this book enough to want to find it again :o)

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    Lisa J says:

    Hi Katy:

    Glad I finally knew one.  Thank you for reminding me about the book, too.  What a good day to go home and look for it since it is raining here.

    Have a great day!


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    Moth says:

    I have requested this from my local library. An Incan romance novel? Hell yes!

  6. 6
    DebH says:

    I am WAY behind on my blog-reading, but I wanted to thank you so much for this!  It’s been driving me nuts for years.  Now, to find a copy and re-read.  Thank you, thank you, LisaJ and SBs!

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