The Kinsale Poetry Contest!

Book CoverYour Quest: Kinsale Poetry about, in tribute to, regarding, or generally celebrating any of Laura Kinsale’s books, characters, etc. You can write it in the voice of one of the characters, or you can write it to one of the characters (though I believe Candy will fight you over more than a few of them). Whatever floats your boat, it’s business

poetry time.

Your Poetic Format: Limerick or haiku. The choice is yours. You can enter as many times as you want. Bring it on, bring it often. Just bring it.

Your Judge: Laura Kinsale will judge the entries, and has the following words of encouragement for you poetic masterminds out there: Hints for contestants: My taste in limericks and haiku would probably be similar to Miss Leda’s.  I will try not to give hedgehogs an unfair advantage.

Book CoverYour Time Limit: You have 24 hours to post your poetic awesomeness in the comments.

Your Prize Booty: Thanks to SourceBooks Casablanca, we have a kickass set of prizes to give away.

The grand prize winner will receive a three-book set of the Kinsale books being released from Sourcebooks Casablanca: Midsummer Moon, Seize the Fire, and The Prince of Midnight, signed by Laura Kinsale.

Three honorable mention prizes will also be awarded, and the winners will receive one of the three Sourcebook Kinsale releases, also signed by Laura Kinsale.

So get your poetry on, folks. In order to inspire you, we provide samples.


The only thing wrong with these books
is not the lack of fine plot or sharp hooks.
The ephemeral art
lacks one crucial part:
There’s no Fabio-chest on my books!

Ah! Kinsale heroes.
The only thing more tortured?
The Dow Jones this week.


hedgehog saves the day. How d’you
like that, Mister Duke?

Victorian ninja
meets impoverished seamstress.
It’s awesome! I swear!

Green knyght abydeth
in bountee for his lemman
maugree temptacioun.

(Apologies for the mangling of the Middle English, but I couldn’t resist.)

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  1. 1
    rm says:

    Seamstress working late.
    Ninja hiding high above,
    stealing to right wrongs.

  2. 2
    rm says:

    There was a ninja from Hawaii
    Who stole a sword and had to hide
    He met a seamstress
    Who was sewing a dress
    They sailéd away on the tide.

  3. 3
    rm says:

    Only read two books
    by Kinsale. What is up with
    the freakin’ hedgehogs?

    (Those would be The Shadow and the Star -yes, big surprise there- and For My Lady’s Heart. Years ago, and I don’t remember any hedgehogs.)

  4. 4
    rm says:

    Widowed lady and
    celibate knight fall in love
    while traveling far.

  5. 5

    Plots never believed
    Laura Kinsale is the crack
    My eternal love

  6. 6

    There once was a Duke of Jervaulx
    A sexy, smart tortured hero.
    He was good with his numbers,
    In bed he’d not slumber,
    He made whats-her-name and me all aglow. ;-)

  7. 7
    Lara says:

    Dear Allegreto,
    “I have no other sovereign”
    still makes my heart pound.

  8. 8

    Candy’s bastardized Middle English haiku = awesome. Can you translate Chaucer and Sir Gawain for high schoolers?

  9. 9
    AnimeJune says:

    “For My Lady’s Heart”‘s on My TBR Pile,
    But have read no LK for a while.
    But for awesome free books,
    I will risk dirty looks,
    And walk barefoot on coals for a mile.

  10. 10
    Suzanne says:

    I won’t attempt the poetry…however, the greatest prize in the world would be a new Kinsale book to devour…I’ve read a ton of other authors, but no one compares to Laura Kinsale, no one!

  11. 11
    Silver James says:

    No Laura Kinsale
    nor friendly hedgehogs alas
    this poor reader fails

  12. 12
    Faellie says:

    There once was a Duke called Jervaulx,
    Whose approach to his life was gung-ho,
    He was felled by a stroke;
    Maddy’s conscience near broke,
    But the better man won, tally-ho!

  13. 13
    Maya M. says:

    There once was a village called Toot
    Where never a point was it moot
    Letters abounded
    Villains abscounded
    And true love plus folly took root.

  14. 14
    Maya M. says:

    Ode to Many Stories

    Ferrets and hedgehogs and tame wolves, oh my!
    Crossdressing under full moon in the sky!
    Balance: much stumbles
    Madness: much bumbles
    And the Marquis de Sade chances by!

  15. 15
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    There was a young writer named Kinsale
    Whose works inspire odes that all hail
    But I never have read ‘em
    So I say, fuhgedd ‘em
    In this contest, alas, I will fail.

  16. 16
    Lovecow2000 says:

    There once was a young girl named Roddy
    Who sadly heard thoughts that were naughty
    A horse she did save
    A rake she did crave
    From whom she learned all that is bawdy

    This was my first Kinsale and is still my favorite.  : )

  17. 17
    StacieH4 says:

    Upon searching my shelves and stacks,
    I find my collection most sorely lacks.
    And so must trust the good-grace to prevail,
    Of the wise, beautiful (and generous) Laura Kinsale,
    To relieve me of reading these hacks!

  18. 18
    Paige says:

    green mind turns muddy
    a rose, counting rows thwart rows
    love sprouts green through mud

  19. 19
    Madd says:

    Both of these are on my favourite Kinsale book:

    Hot ninja man rocks
    Sweet little seamstress’ world
    On paradise isle

    There was a man now past thirty
    Who once thought all sexing too dirty
    Then he met a young miss
    He was desperate to kiss
    Now they’re bangin’ on any surface that’s sturdy

  20. 20
    Laura H. says:

    Ceremonial Sword McGuffin

    A Shadow once came from afar
    To seek out his objet petit a.
    Midst the Queen’s Jubilee
    Found redemption in thee,
    Most cordial and proper a Star.


    S.T. : a sad man.
    Vertigo and a wolf his
    Only souvenirs.


    Advice for Newlyweds Buying Furniture

    Manalo, eats raw
    Onions in a front parlor,
    Says to get a bed.


    The aphasic Jervaulx, former wise-acre
    Once thought piousness was a deal-breaker.
    Now a King in peruke
    Comes to favor the Duke—
    Still he’d rather stay wed to his Quaker.


    He Just Sounds Like a Normal Teenager

    Robert Cambourne, once restless and lazy—
    Winds up in India, lost, aimless and hazy.
    Though he seems melancholy,
    He’ll yet prove it to Folly—
    He’s merely been high—he’s not crazy!


    and even though this verse form wasn’t specified…

    Seize the Double Dactyl

    Sheridan Angry-Man
    A Tortured Sea Captain
    Wanted to bilk the Prin-
    cess of Oriens.

    ‘fflicted with PTSD
    Finally slept in O-
    lympia’s arms.

  21. 21
    MillyG says:

    Quaker Maddy and Jervaulx
    find the light shining
    in her magical hoohah

  22. 22
    SonomaLass says:

    “On a Return to the Romance Genre After Long Absence”

    by a reader

    Lately I’ve eagerly read
    Wherever the Smart Bitches led
    But not yet Kinsale
    (Yes, I know, I fail)
    If I won some, though, I’d be committed!

  23. 23
    Tumperkin says:

    There once was a quaker called Maddy
    Who was known to get into a paddy
    Over sick sexy dukes
    Who gave silent rebukes
    When unable to talk to said Maddy

  24. 24
    flip says:

    She was his folly
    Safely married in England
    Letters could not hurt

    All right I can’t write poetry. But I would love to win an autographed book by Laura Kinsale. I love her books. The only thing better would be a new book.

  25. 25
    Meriam says:

    Signed by Laura Kinsale?!

    Okay… deep breath:

    Dear sir! Gasped Leda,
    a seamstress of virtue, pray
    let me massage you

    No, said the Ninja
    awkward, pained, scarred and abused -
    a hero, in truth

    I am not worthy -
    (My mother was French, she said)
    – and sex is dirty

    Still, love they made, ‘til
    the Big Misunderstanding,
    shame, guilt, swords, goldfish -

    (I love you, she said.
    I’m unlovable, he said.)
    A fight scene ensued

    with sharks and swords. Then -
    a conversation resolved
    the issues they had

    Eeek. I did it for the books! I’m a discredit to the poetic form, and a shame to the woman who bore me, etc -

    (for what it’s worth, I love Lara’s)

  26. 26
    Esalyn says:

    Though I haven’t read books by Kinsale,
    I sure might cause I like to inhale—
    Any novel that’s smokin’,
    And here I’m not jokin’,
    How much tail’s in tale by Kinsale?

    A girl needs her education, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  27. 27
    Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    There once was a smart gal named Merlin:
    A virgin till a lord made her wanton.
    She wished only to fly
    Which made him want to cry,
    They argued till “I love you”s were spoken!*

    *includes hedgehogs!

  28. 28
    Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    Esalyn, that’s awesome!

  29. 29
    Esalyn says:

    Oops. My “a” got kidnapped.

    How much tail’s in a tale by Kinsale?

  30. 30
    Jenny says:

    Kinsale and haiku you say? Count me in!

    Buffle-headed man
    Loved his thee-thou maiden prim
    Fractured mind no more
    Maddy’s in his arms
    Fleeing from a spooky hall
    Ain’t no ghosts in here!

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