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I’m researching options and potential inventory concerns (aka WHERE DO I PUT SHIT OMG WHERE) and have a quick poll for you. What swag interests you most? When I launched the GelaSkin store, many, many people said “Shirts!” “No, mugs!”

So, what’s your pleasure?

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  1. 1
    rm says:

    & srsly, there should be a link to the SBTstore from the front page -& if there is one already then it should be clearer and easier to find (for idiots like myself). Just sayin’.

  2. 2
    JC says:

    Bumper stickers!

  3. 3
  4. 4
    Anya says:

    I love T-shirts.  And stickers.  Magnets, too!  I know, I can never pick just one…

  5. 5
    Peaches says:

    Totebags sound cool, shirts and bumper stickers too.  Maybe notebooks?  Pens or stationary things?  Bookmarks? Sometimes I think a poster version of some of the more hilarious book covers wold be great, but you don’t have the copyrights to those….

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    I second (third?) the call for bumper stickers. Refrigerator magnets would be cool too.

  7. 7
    Galadriel says:

    Buttons. Definitely buttons. Good for those of us who don’t, as a general rule, wear t-shirts, and affixable to matching tote bags and the like.

  8. 8
    Wendy says:

    The best swag I ever got from a romance author was a travel coffee mug.  I used that thing at least 3 times a week, and when the lid finally broke….well, I actually shed a tear.  Samhain did travel coffee mugs at RWA, and I love mine…but dang, it doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder.

  9. 9
    Jaie says:

    Ashtrays!! No one makes those anymore for promotion…………..and I don’t even smoke.

    barring that, t-shirts would be pretty awesome to share my Smart Bitchy goodness.

  10. 10
    Amy says:

    I love the idea of the water bottles, but only if they can be easily and thoroughly hand-washed for those of us with no dishwasher. ;)

  11. 11
    xat says:

    I’d wear an SBTB shirt with pride—huge, walloping amounts of pride. However, the sticker idea is quite intriguing.


  12. 12
    Emmy says:

    Do people actually buy swag? Isn’t swag promo items that are given away for free? Am I thinking of something else completely? I’ve gotten swag at various concerts and shows, and I never had to pay for it before.

    I believe that what the SB’s trying to do is usually called merchandising, but I’m not in sales so I can’t say for sure.

  13. 13
    Chanel19 says:

    If you go ahead, please ship to Canada via the Post Office.  FedEx and the other courier companies charge arms, legs, and first born children to cover border tarriffs.

    certain64:  I’d certainly buy stuff if I didn’t have to pay Purolater $64 in fees every time they ship north of the 49th.

  14. 14
    Wryhag says:

    Really clever bumper stickers guaranteed to offend a lot of people and make at least one of them rear-end me so I can collect a big insurance settlement with which I can finally buy an Apple laptop and/or desktop and tell Dell to go screw its corporate self while Michael Moore films the event. 

    That’s what I want.

  15. 15
    Wryhag says:

    But a strong refrigerator magnet will do.

  16. 16
    Dr. Strangelove says:

    For those of us who love the bumperstickers but hate the sticky; bumpersticker size magnets.  It’s not just for smarmy politicians.

  17. 17
    Katie Ann says:

    Magnets and buttons!  Anyone like the idea of mousepads?

  18. 18
    michelle says:


  19. 19
    Bev Stephans says:

    I voted for mugs, but tote bags would be good too.  That way I could proclaim my bitchery outside my home.

  20. 20
    Sianne says:

    I second the call for mousepads!  Though I will buy a totebag or whatever awesome swag is out there.

  21. 21
    Samantha says:

    beer coozies with the man titty

  22. 22
    Lil' Deviant says:

    I have to second Samantha!!  Beer coozies with man titty!!!

  23. 23
    Keri Ford says:

    I don’t know where to get them, but those black ID holders that us writers use at conferences.

  24. 24
    Julie Leto says:

    I was going to vote for T-shirts, but I already get odd looks from the other moms when I wear my “Witchy” t-shirt outside of Halloween, so maybe a Smart Bitch shirt isn’t the way to go.

    But any other swag and I’m there…particularly a mousepad or a mug.

  25. 25
    AndieG says:

    I love the idea of magnets, buttons, tote bags, keychains and/or mousepads.  Any of these would be very, very tempting!

  26. 26
    Kerry says:

    Several years ago, Bitch magazine gave pens to people who donated. They were really awesome floaty pens—the top was liquid and the logo girl floated when you turned it sideways. I’d really like a SBTB style one.

    Mousepads maybe. Ashtrays are good for holding candles, or M&Ms;or small things. I’d totally want one.

  27. 27
    amy lane says:

    Temporary tatoos!  (Don’t laugh—they work wonders at the cons!) 

    Seriously?  Bookmarks!

  28. 28
    BevQB says:

    WINDOW CLINGS instead of bumper stickers, please?

    And if you do offer T-Shirts, could they be V-Necks or maybe even tanks for those of us with extra chinage? Seriously, I never wear crew neck tees, and those girly baby-doll T-shirts have those wee little cap sleeves that make the arms look gigundo! Oh hell, just hire me as your plus-size consultant, K?

    I’d probably buy a tote, and maybe even a coffee mug or water bottle if they were big enough.

  29. 29
    Tina C. says:

    I voted for t-shirts, but I love the idea of magnets.  Magnets would rock!  I also really liked Peaches’s suggestion(s) of notebooks & bookmarks.  I would gladly buy those or direct others to gift certificate opportunities.

    Oh, too funny!  I just glanced down at my spamblocker—present23.  Why yes, when you get the new merchandise, I would happily accept 23 presents!

  30. 30
    Nicole says:

    I wants the aluminum water bottle.

    Also, how about laptop stickers?  Not necessarily skins, but something I can slap on the cover and show the love.  Or a window cling for my car (hate bumper stickers).

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