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In an entry that’s custom made for our “That’s not really about romance novels” category: a contest! To get people to vote!

For their favorite animal rescue charity? The Animal Rescue Site is giving away $100,000 to participating rescue groups and shelters from now until December 15. You go, you vote for your favorite organization, and there’s weekly winners of $1000.00. A grand prize of $25,000.00 will also be awarded in December.

If you’ve ever worked in or around animal rescue, you know $1000 makes a big honking difference. On behalf of my blind, deaf, elderly and unquestionably awesome Logan the Eskimo dog, who is a Petfinder dog, and the late, great Toto the Wonder Dog, a maltese who was also a Petfinder dog, please consider taking a wander over there and clicking here and there.

Visitors will not be asked to contribute anything but their time, first to “Click to Give” at The Animal Rescue Site and then to vote for their favorite Petfinder rescue organization. The Animal Rescue Site provides funds for rescued animals in shelters and rescue by donating 100% of all advertising revenue.

And if animals aren’t your thing? How about boobs? Click to donate free mammograms at The Breast Cancer Site, and free books via The Literacy Site. Burn calories through voracious mouse clicking!

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  1. 1
    Joanne says:

    Through we found a local rescue group and last Saturday got a small, young,  female dog who had been neutered, had a chip implanted and had all her shots. These people are just excellent….. okay, so the dog is a Diva, but they couldn’t have known that or that my DH would love her just that much more.

    Whatever, it was wonderful to know she was rescued from death by these people and now she’s ripping around like she’s been here forever. They have my votes and my support.

    Thank you for giving them the space for the financial help they need and trust them if you are looking for a pet to bring into your home.
    submit word: had 87…. just a tad too personal.

  2. 2
    SusannaG says:

    I voted for our local humane society – it’s where we got our current cat, Belinda.

    Thanks for the links!

  3. 3
    willa says:

    In addition to that awesomeness, there’s also an initiative on the general election ballot in California called Proposition 2, which would make the living conditions for animals in factory farms a bit more humane—give them room to lie down and turn around and stretch their wings, etc. It’s also good for food safety.

    Here’s the link:

    So if you’re registered to vote in California, vote YES on Prop 2!!!

    *thus endeth the PSA*

  4. 4
    Cat Marsters says:

    I’ve had four rescue pets—three cats and a dog—and I always give preference to animal charities.  In memory of my departed baby girl Sugar, I ran a charity drive for Cats Protection, a UK cat charity (who incidentally have lost huge funds in last week’s Icelandic bank collapse) last Christmas, but it seems people don’t like cats all that much: at any rate, I got barely enough donations for a can of catfood.

    It’s a shame you can only register with Petfinder if you live in the US (as far as I can tell you have to register to vote), but you can click on the Animal Rescue Site from any-freaking-where, and you can even set it up to send you an email once a day to remind you, with a link.

    Highly worthy, IMO.

  5. 5
    Deb Kinnard says:

    Some time back I donated a short story to a local pet rescue organization. They posted it on their website for a $1 donation per download. Anyway we SBs could organize something similar? I will, of course, donate a short.

  6. 6
    Joanna says:

    There’s also
    That one’s awesome. For every word definition you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nation World Food Program.
    Food for thought! hehe

  7. 7
    Cat Marsters says:

    Deb, did you get many downloads?  Last Christmas I offered to give the royalties from a Christmas story to a UK cat charity—from where I’d adopted two kittens—but apparently people don’t like cats all that much, because I barely got enough for one tin of cat food.

    It’s a shame you can only register—and therefore vote—with Petfinder if you’re in the US.  However, you can click for free from anywhere, and even have them send you a daily reminder if you’re cotton-headed like me.

  8. 8
    Deb Kinnard says:

    I don’t know how much the pet rescue got from my story—or, hopefully, still is getting. They’ve never told me. I agree it would be nice to know.

  9. 9
    ev says:

    I click all those links everyday, from both screen names. They are a great place to buy Xmas presents, etc for people, especially the hard to buy for ones.

    There is also which also has a link to free It’s a quick trivia question everyday and they donate food too. Developed by a teenage girl- You go girl!

    Two or our 3 dogs have been found through the help of Petfinder. One of whom is curled up at my feet right now under the computer desk- he is never more than 3” from me at anyone time. The other is hubby’s little princess at least when he is home. Otherwise she is my boss I think.

    3 dogs and 3 cats and counting.

  10. 10
    Ri L. says:

    Thanks for this.  I recently had to put my beloved cat up for adoption—we hadn’t even had him a full year yet, but he developed diabetes and we couldn’t give him the care he needed.  I’m glad to know there’s a way I can still help animals like him.

    Sadly, his rescue org isn’t on the site, but they deserve a world of love for the way they treated my cat and even me and my fiance when we had to let him go.

  11. 11
    Diane says:

    Both of my current cats were adopted from a rescue. 

    My tabby was thrown out a car window on a highway and rescued by a lady who quickly stopped her car and took Chloe to the local vet.  Miraculously, she didn’t have any injuries and is the sweetest cat I have ever known.

    My black cat was rescued from the barn of a former veterinarian at less than a week old after he called the rescue and said “Come and get these kittens now or they’ll be dead by the end of the week.”  Luckily, the rescue got the kittens within a half an hour of the call.  The kittens were so flea-infested that they had to be washed twice (both times the water turned blood red) and my Phoebe ended up in an incubator for 2 days because she was in such bad shape.  Her foster mom ended up bottle feeding 2 litters of 5 kittens at the same time (what a great lady!) and Phoebe acts more like a dog than a cat—she plays fetch, comes when called and wants to be touching some part of your body at all times.

    So I’m off to click and vote, because my home is a much happier and fun place with my rescue “children” as part of my family.

  12. 12
    Ciar Cullen says:

    A quick reminder about that daily cup of food

  13. 13
    Cori says:

    The rescue I got my lovebirds from, HealthiPet Network in Indiana, is one of the rescue groups competing in the challenge. I voted for them, because I’ve visited their shelter, run out of a private, home, and they’re amazing. It’s not everyone who could take in abandoned large birds like Amazons and cockatoos, even ones with social problems and issues like chronic sickness and feather picking. The lovebirds we adopted from them were special needs (their legs are splayed to the point where they can climb and fly, but can’t walk), and this place literally saved their lives. I think this contest is a great opportunity, and I’ll be voting every day.

    Here, by the way, are pictures of my babies:

  14. 14
    ev says:

    They are so pretty Cori, but I see what you mean about their legs. How lucky they were to find you and you to find them.

    My Lab mix I found wandering outside in sub zero weather in 2001. I brought him home. I don’t care if he did belong to someone in the trailer park I found him in. Obviously they didn’t care enough about him when it was -30F outside. He is the best dog I have ever had and the best behaved. He loves to ride in the truck with me, sits in the front seat with the shoulder harness on- the cops love it when we go through a seatbelt check. Never got a ticket!!

    Charlie loves to play with the Doxies and the cats and he is very good at playing at their level which is so fun to watch.

    Right now the whole gang is staring at me while I eat and type. LOL

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