BItchery Bitch Winners

Winners of Bitch Magazine Subscriptions – I has them!

First: the good news: Bitch Magazine raised the needed funds well before the October 15 deadline.

Second: more good news! The following people have won a 1 year subscription to Bitch – congratulations!

Lizzie (greeneyed fem)
amy lane
Elaine L

Email me so we can coordinate winning bitchery Bitch-ness!

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  1. 1
    Grrrly says:

    Nice! Thanks Sarah, and long live The Bitchery (both of ‘em).

    spamword: got27. No, only got about 12 branches of the county library, thanks. But any of them that will accept it will be getting their own Bitch subscriptions courtesy of me, cause I’m all about spreading the good karma. *g*

  2. 2
    amy lane says:

    Squeee!  Winning this was the best part of my weekend!  Thanks, Sarah:-)

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