Australia’s ABC Looks at Square Jaws and Bodices.

Given the time difference this might have already happened, but Australia’s ABC will feature a program (Sorry – programme?) on 6 October at 10am with Ramona Koval looking at how romance novels have changed since the first world war:

We delve into the world of square jaws and ripped bodices and ask how romance writing has changed over the years. How different are romance titles of the 21st century from those published during the First World War for instance?

BZZZZT! Personal Foul! Five yard penalty for use of “ripped bodice!”

But I’ll be curious to hear it – so tune in Aussies, and let me know how it is? I mean, it’s not like WWI romances and 21st century romances are even nearly the same. It’s like saying New Zealand and Australia are the same.

[Thanks to Wendy Palmer for the link!]


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    Marsha says:

    Does Australian rules football give five yard penalties?  Maybe five meter (metre?) penalties?  Argh – all this globalism gives me a headache.

    One difference occurs to me right off the bat; the sexxoring is much more blatantly sexorific, I’d imagine, now as opposed to 90-some-odd years ago.  No value judgment can or should be made on this, of course.

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    MeggieMacGroovie says:

    This is on ABC radio, not TV! I am cursing the fact my fella, disconnected the radio, when he last messed around with the “system”, to hook up more speakers….because, you know, 6, are not enough.

    Maybe its streamable online?? If so, those in the US could listen! Its on at 10am our time and again at midnight.

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    Maggie, the ABC site offers this programme as a listen again. Also I note the show is repeated at midnight, if you miss it this morning.

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    Kaffy says:

    For what it’s worth, if you can listen online, it’s 10am on the Australian East Coast right now. Or in about 30 seconds.

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    Keziah Hill says:

    Dammit. Just missed it. But it should be available as a podcast from the ABC Radio National site in a few days.

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    eaeaea says:

    Thanks for the link.
    Featured are:
    Marion Lennox
    Australian romance writer who has published with Mills & Boon over the last 20 years
    (she’s written >75 medical & sweet romances for Mills and Boon) In summary, she describes that romance has man/woman/HEA that fulfills readers wishes and how medical stories offer nore heightened emotions. Talks a bit on pseudomyms, other languages published and emerging Asian markets.
    She picks on the announcer for using ‘bodice-ripper’ description.

    Michelle LaForest
    Managing Director of Harlequin Mills & Boon Australia
    She discussed evolving trends in love scenes, increasing graphic descriptions in some lines and how they are categorised, as well as other lines that have emerged (nocturne, intrigue, etc). Also business stuff – book exports to India, writer’s guidelines for budding authors, background on some authors and their diverse backgrounds, Romance Writers Aust.

    It goes for 20 minutes but overall, nothing new.

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