Sebastian’s… Airborne?

Thanks to Angie for the link – click on “Who is Sebastian?” on this page, and look carefully at his crotch at the end while he’s holding the hawk.

The leather sandals man, woo.

(note: please be advised, from your friendly neighborhood Smart Bitch and her merry midwife for her two pregnancies, that Airborne, while awesome, contains a very large dose of Vitamin A. If you are pregnant, it may not be a good idea, capice?)


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  1. 1
    phoebesmum says:

    I’m less concerned about his crotch than about his mullet, to be honest.

  2. 2
    annemjw says:

    Shushing the Mr. Mom is impressive, though. God, that guy must have felt like such a tool filming that.

  3. 3
    Kendra says:

    LMAO….  That’s funny!

  4. 4
    Laura Anne says:

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that and thought “nahhhh….”

  5. 5

    I’m going to write a poetic ode to Sebastian and his hawk.  I shall title this ode, “Rectangular Penis” and sing it in the Airborne aisle at the supermarket.

    spamword: strong21.  As in, “I need 21 strong, virile men to bring me cough and cold remedies.”

  6. 6
    Kris Eton says:

    OMG, so hilarious!  Now, see, this ad agency knows how to do an ad campaign. They get who their audience is…mostly women, and women read romance!  And I love how they picked a guy who was really quite hot until you stuck the mullet hair extensions on him…

    These people understand me and why I like historical romance!  Hee.


    Plus, the actor did a great job of staying in character without being too corny.  :-)

  7. 7
    Vera says:


    That ad is brilliant.. I wish Sebastian was hiding behind my couch, ready with the remedy :p

    (Apologies all around for the bad pun)

  8. 8

    Doesn’t he look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in RED SONJA?

  9. 9
    Cassie says:

    Now THAT is funny!  It’s parody without being insulting. 

    The librarian at work swears by Airborne.  I should send her this link.  :)

  10. 10
    JC says:

    That was, simply said, amazing.

  11. 11
    Angela James says:

    Full props goes to Bethany for pointing it out. I tell you, the editor’s loop is where all the important issues are discussed.

  12. 12
    Silver James says:

    Uhm…did he wax his legs? And his chest? *blinkblink* But yeah. That’s a brilliant ad! I’d order my free sample if he’d really show up at the door.

  13. 13

    OMG, you have to click on “See where Sebastian is” under the menu.

    I know a bunch of authors who swear by Airborne to keep them healthy during book tour—I’ve been meaning to check it out, and this gives me the chance. I’m now racking my brain for female friends to send the coupon to, because EVERYONE should meet Sebastian.

  14. 14
    Chanel19 says:

    The look on the guy, on the front lawn’s, face is priceless.  Sure, warriors arrive under his sprinkler every freakin day.

    charge77-  we he certainly charged through that ad and the mullet was big in ‘77

  15. 15
    Vicki says:

    As a pediatrician, I use Airborne all winter and give the “gummy germs” to my grandson. OTOH, if you are having trouble with allergies, the echinacea can make them worse.

    Oh, and could Sebastian drop by my office. It would cheer up a lot of moms (and me, too).


    BTW, recently, I was not 25

  16. 16
    Amelia says:

    “Romance Novel Hero Workout(tm)”! Classic.

  17. 17
    LiJuun says:

    Dude.  His leather sandals?  Are so not on right.

    I have Airborne already, so I think I’m going to hide it and pretend I’m all out.  Maybe Sebastian will show up with some, and then I can . . .

    fix his shoes.  Yeah.  Totally fix his shoes.

    LOVE that ad!

  18. 18
    TracyS says:

    Sorry, but as soon as I saw that his legs are smoother than mine I was squicked out.  LOL that’s just not right!

  19. 19
    Suze says:

    BWA!  That was AWESOME!

    (teehee view11 more times!)

  20. 20
    Melissandre says:

    I caught the tail end of this commercial the other day and almost looked it up.  But then I realized that it would be on this site in a few days, so why bother?  If mantitty is out there, the Smart Bitches will find it.

    Meanwhile, can anyone give me directions to this enchanted land, somewhere between Desire and Heartbreak?

  21. 21
    AgTigress says:

    Well, I’m afraid young Sebastian does nothing for me, and would not have done even half a century ago, when I was the right age for him.  And I normally like long hair on a man.
    There is silly amusing, and silly ironic and just plain silly silly, and the last is all I see in this advert.


  22. 22
    BevQB says:

    I first saw this a day or two ago, and after my first initial ha-ha that’s hi-larious in that WTF kind of way, all I could think of was BANGS?! BANGS?! Mantitty does NOT sport GIRLY BANGS!! Where is his manly mantitty MULLET? Have these young fluffers forgotten their mantitty history and no longer know how to properly style a mullet?! ::sigh::

    Mantitty, UR Doin’ It Wrong.

  23. 23

    While Sebastian is very pretty, it’s another example of the media making fun of romance readers. Luckily, we have a sense of humor about it, right? And, at least I am thankful that he doesn’t have a mullet. That’s so old school!

  24. 24
    SusanL says:

    That is too funny!  Loved the clip under see where Sebastian is ;)  Poor squirrel.

  25. 25

    Sigh. Am I the only one who doesn’t see a square penis or anything else unusual about his crotch? I did think the parody for romance book lovers was cute. I’m curious if anyone on the other side of that ad, who came up with it, reads romance.

    My word is higher 93. Might as well be. I have 35K to write by the 22nd…

  26. 26
    kalafudra says:

    Sebastian is on his way to you with your Airborne sample.
    But because he lives in slow motion, he may be a while.

    Freakin hilarious! *wiping tears from my face*

  27. 27
    Kristie(J) says:

    OK – I’m totally missing it!  What’s supposed to happen?  I’m clicking on the link but then nada.

  28. 28
    SonomaLass says:

    Wow, a flat, rectangular penis?  Um, no thanks.

    But I do think Sebastian is cute, and a fair parody of the male cover model—waxed chest and legs, mullet, costume errors and all!

    My daughter the actress swears by Airborne, as does my sis in her medical office environment.  They will be getting signed up on this site.  Hehehe.

  29. 29
    BevQB says:

    Kristie, on the far left, you can click on the “Who’s Sebastian” to see the original commercial. On the far right you can click on the “See where Sebastian is with your sample”. Now THOSE are the REALLY funny ones! I’m not sure if these people are laughing with us or at us- maybe a little of both.

    Oh, or rollover the word “menu” in orange and a drop down menu appears where you can get to those links too.

  30. 30
    Kathy says:

    I don’t like the hair extensions, eeeew.

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