L’Shana Tova

To all the Jewish readers of this here hot pink site: l’shana tova. This evening is the start of the Jewish New Year 5769.

Seriously. Could there BE a more fabulous opportunity for Jewish inspirational erotica? I mean, 57 varieties of 69? Hide the pickle?! Here, I’ll even give you a visual for creative inspiration:


I’d also like to share a greeting to all of you, Jewish or not, which I received today from an Israeli SBTB reader named Vera:

Just wanted to Wish you a happy Jewish New Year, Shana Tova Ve Metuka.

May your readership increase like the seeds of the pomegranate, may you succeed with any new enterprises, be the head and not the tail.



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  1. 1
    Robin says:

    Shana Tova, Sarah!

    I’m not Jewish, but I’ve been celebrating the coming of Rosh Hashanah in my own way; that is, by scouring the menus and recipes everyone is posting online.  Oh, how I adore Claudia Roden!  Between Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah this is such a wonderful season of food.  And spiritual worship, of course.

  2. 2
    SB Sarah says:

    Girl, please. I totally converted for the food.

    I make a mean matzo ball, too. Yum.

  3. 3
    Esri Rose says:

    Shana Tova! That’s so cool you got a Happy New Year from Israel!

  4. 4
    Robin says:

    Oh, I love matzo.  And brisket.  This chicken recipe rocks, too.  And almond cake.  Yum.

  5. 5
    jessica says:

    shana tova. now what’s your secret to matzo balls? mine are always awful.

  6. 6
    Jo Leigh says:

    L’shana tova.  It’s hard to be a Jew (not a good Jew, mind you – but whatev) in a teeny town in Utah when it’s clearly time for matzo ball soup, brisket and tzimmes.

  7. 7

    L’Shanah Tovah, Sarah from near the land of Heinz itself. May you (and the other bitches) be inscribed.

  8. 8

    Big hello from B-more Land of Tzimmes, brisket and matzoh ball soup! May you all be blessed in the coming year and have a sense of humor, for Heaven’s sake!! :D

  9. 9
    Rose says:

    Another SBTB reader from Israel – I was so sure I was special! Happy new year, Sarah & everyone. I like latkes, myself, but I can wait for Hanukkah.

    Jewish inspirational erotica, very cool! I’m so there if someone writes that. But I don’t think my writing skills and/or imagination are up for it.

    Jessica, beat the egg whites for lighter matzo balls.

  10. 10
    Terry Odell says:

    My husband’s another foodie convert. I copped out this year and bought the challah. It’s still so hot here, I hate turning the oven on any more than necessary (although I tried a new cake recipe for dessert)

  11. 11
    nystacey says:

    Shana tovah:)  May this be a year of new beginnings! 

    I’m all excited I’ve been able to get my annual honey cake fix ;)


  12. 12
    Jackie says:

    Shana tovah!!!

  13. 13
    Lori says:

    Shana Tovah! May this be a sweet year. Happy, healthy new year to you.

    And Stacey, ick on the honey cake, LOL. Never been a fave of mine. I was never so glad as when my mom stopped doing the holidays and I started so that I could end the honey cake reign!

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