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This weekend we are all about cake at my house – someone small and mighty is having a birthday (“OMG HAS IT BEEN A YEAR WTF UNDERNEATH THAT ALSO BBQ” is what the cake should say but alas, cooler heads prevailed). Too bad this cake isn’t available in13 more years, because everyone knows, the traditional 14th birthday is the Man Titty Birthday.

Or the “unbutton my fly” birthday.

Or the “future Ellora’s Cave cover” birthday.


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  1. 1
    PK says:

    As the mother of the twelve year old boy, I just broke out in a sweat.  Holy shit, only two more years before the insanity completely washes over me.  Bloody hell.  At least there will be cake and that is the most important thing.

  2. 2

    Haha, my dad owns a bakery, and we had the second design of the nekkid people (we didn’t do it, though, we blacked it out in the design book).

    When I was 14, I believe I had Super Mario Bro’s on my cake. My mom would NEVER have let me get some naked guy on mine. Jees louise.

  3. 3
    kopperhead says:

    I remember those nekkid “Love Is” characters from way back when. There was a cartoon in the paper every day with them, and my friend would cut them out and paste them into a scrapbook. I hated those things. They might have become popular shortly after the movie Love Story.

    And, I’ve just spent a fun half-hour on the Cake Wrecks site, thank you very much. That’s hilarious.

  4. 4
    Joanne says:

    Last year around this time your mom was a flippin nightmare of waddling WTF’s …. now, she is just one simple WTF where you are concerned…. carry on little person, make her crazy, make us proud!

    (and hopefully by the that teen time the man titty will have some chest hair that’s not magic marker-ed from photoshop)

  5. 5
    Tabzie says:

    As long as you don’t get him a cake from Masterbakers.  Google that.  I dare you.

  6. 6
    Suze says:

    Seems to me that my mom and I went to the bookstore together and bought me some books for my thirteenth birthday (I also got a white velour jacket, which was super-cool).  One of the books was Sable Flanagan by Betty Layman Receveur.  I’d put in a link to it, but I’m just not that technically capable.  Suffice to say, there are those who would raise their eyebrows at giving that book to a brand-new teenager.  Not MY mom, bless her heart.  We’ve been sharing books my whole life long.

  7. 7
    Eunice says:

    I swear I was going to send that link in today! I would totally get that for my sister in-law (we have this thing where we find birthday cards that look just like that. But never for my 14 year old. Weird.

    But then again, my whole family is into movies, so it was a big milestone when I turned 14 and my mother officially lifted all horror movie restrictions and my si-l gave me free access to her (sizable) horror movie collection. That’s weird too, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.

  8. 8
    plainjane says:

    LOL Sarah, I’m a big follower of the Cake Wrecks web site and as soon as I saw that one today I thought of Smart Bitches!  Looks like someone beat me to it.  Happy birthday to the little one!!

    spam word: change84…Heh, in ‘84 I turned 16 and that was the year my mom bought me lingerie for my birthday.  Seriously…a little teddy and some thong underwear.  Now as an adult, I realize that was a “wtf” moment.  What was she thinking??

  9. 9
    Tinkerbon says:

    Which just brings to mind the old saying and a whole new meaning for Let them eat cake!
    Oh c’mon, y’all were thinking it … ;p

    — Bonz

  10. 10
    AmandaG says:

    Happy Birthday to the little one!

    I love Cake Wrecks.  I check that site pretty much everyday.

  11. 11
    Sana-chan says:

    The sad thing is, if you took off the horrible man-beast, this cake would be really pretty! I also love how the name is PERFECTLY centered over his crotch. It’s good to see that craftsmanship isn’t dead. :-p

  12. 12
    Elyssa says:

    Happy Birthday to the little one!

    And man titty cake… hmmm, sounds delicious. *g*

  13. 13
    Silver James says:

    Which just brings to mind the old saying and a whole new meaning for Let them eat cake!

    Right on, Tinkerbon!

    Happy birthday, little one. May you fill your mother’s life with many WTF! moments along with great joy and love.

  14. 14
    Tina C. says:

    Happy Birthday to the little one! 

    I have a picture of when my daughter turned one—she’s wearing a little party hat, her new dress, and LOTS of icing.  Icing in her hands.  Icing in her hair.  Icing everywhere.  She looked adorable!  (I don’t know why I have a picture of her first birthday and I don’t have one of either of her brothers, though.  Hmmmmm.)

    As for my 14th birthday, I’m in awe of those of you that can actually remember the cake you had.  I’m sitting here, wracking my brain, and I can’t even pull a memory of having that birthday!  I’m 100% positive that it didn’t include a man-titty cake, though.

  15. 15
    aliciel says:

    I think that cake is more amusing for the adults than the birthday celebrant. Hope she got a laugh out of it.
    This reminds me of my own WTF moment when my aunt gave me lingerie for Christmas. When I was eleven. *shudders*

  16. 16
    Ehren says:

    huh…. I don’t recall anything real special about turning twelve, thirteen or fourteen. I mean, yeah I got the “You’re a teenager now” thing, but that wasn’t all that great. I know I got a giant cookie cake for my twelfth birthday and we tried to show it to my grandpa and it slid onto the carpet. The carpet read “Happy Birthday Ehren” backwards and upside down for years.

    I’ll have to think about this since I’m chronicling my middleschool and high school life in a comic. Apparently people find me interesting.

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