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Free Gerritsen Novel for The Kindle

Book CoverTess Gerritsen’s The Surgeon is free on the Amazon Kindle until September 15 – so enjoy your funky free downloading, all you Kindle-Ade drinkers.

Some reviews refer to this book as the start of her Rizzoli/Isles series, though one mentions that neither character really appears until midway through the book. Either way, if this is book 1 of many, the free ebook download will get people a-glomming like whoa and merde.



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    Ellen says:

    This is such a stupid question, but of course, one can’t simply visit a Kindle in one’s local Kindle store: Does the Kindle require you to scroll to get from the top to the bottom of a book page, or does it fit the whole thing on one screen so that you just have to “turn” the page when you’re done with it?

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    RfP says:

    You can change the text size, so the length of a normal page isn’t the whole issue.  For me, the Kindle and the Sony have large enough screens that I don’t have to scroll constantly—I flip pages at a rate reasonably close to reading on paper.

    You may need to see one to know if the size and flow work for you.  Kindles are hard to preview in person, but there are lots of images online that show a page on the screen.  If you can find a Sony Reader, the screens are the same.  (In the US, I’ve seen Sonys at Borders and Best Buy, and I hear they’re at Costco.  In the UK, try Waterstone’s.)

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