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To the members of the RWA Down Under – have a great conference! I hope it goes splendidly!


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    dragonfly says:

    We will!!!  I’m guessing that you can imagine how excited we are over here?!  Everyone is welcome to come over, its in February which for most of you over there is still pretty cold, come and have a lovely warm time in Melbourne with us….oh, and no we don’t have kangaroos jumping down the streets.

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    The RWA Down Under is having a great conference, thank you! Lots of exciting things are happening here in terms of the romance genre (like the inaugural romance readers convention next February), so there’s a great deal of positivity at the conference already. Plus we’ve got Barbara Samuel, Jo Beverly, and Margie Lawson here as guests, as well as some great editors, and a mob of local talent presenting workshops over the weekend.

    So, Candy and Sarah, you two have got the dates in your diaries for Brisbane next year, haven’t you??

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    SB Sarah says:

    What are the dates? It never hurts to write something in the calendar, even if the airfare and time away from the fam makes me need to put my head between my knees and breathe deeply.

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    I think it’s the 14th-16th August, with the first international conference on romance fiction on the 13th-14th.

    Someone who actually has the dates handy might be able to confirm that.

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    Philippa says:

    I had a fab time in Sydney last year, but couldn’t get the time of from work to go to Melbourne.  I hope they are all having a blast.

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    Juleigh says:

    A bit late in the game but have just come across the posts mentioning ARRC09. Hi Sarah!! The inaugural Australian Romance Readers Convention is being held on 20-22 February 2009 in Melbourne at the Jasper Hotel conference facilities. Keynote speakers are Susan Donovan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, MaryJanice Davidson and Australia’s own Stephanie Laurens, along with so thus 30+ other authors on panels and taking part in booksignings.

    The website for the convention is


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    Juleigh says:

    *cringe* Next time I post, I’ll be sure to read over what I’ve already butchered with editing if only to ensure it makes sense!

    along with so thus 30+ other authors…

    What was I thinking?! Let’s try

    along with, thus far, 30+ other authors

    .  I’ll retreat back into lurkerdom, with my obviously much needed double strength morning coffee.

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