Friday Videos Love Joss Whedon

Thanks to Tina who gave me the heads up about this one: Joss Whedon wrote a musical. Neil Patrick Harris stars in the lead role.

Do I need to say more?

How about: Act I and Act II are free online now, with Act III going up July 19. 

Go forth and bask in the awesome.


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Jackie says:

    Not only is Joss Whedon my master. I’m also crushing on Dr. Horrible.

  2. 2
    Grace says:

    …The hammer is my penis.

  3. 3
    ev says:

    I am sooo glad you reminded us about this, I totally forgot what with getting home at 330AM from seeing The Dark Knight.

    Heath Ledger had so much fucking promise.

  4. 4
    Carrie Lofty says:

    Part II’s already up. And don’t forget the delicious Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer.

  5. 5
    KTG says:

    Dr. Horrible is my online boyfriend….

  6. 6
    Joanna says:

    squee… It’s all lovely! I can’t wait till it’s out on DVD.
    Perhaps in time for Christmas.

  7. 7
    Robinjn says:

    Nathan Fillion. Sigh. I just loaned my beloved Firefly DVDs to a friend who has yet to experience the genius of Joss Whedon. And I’m already regretting it because I need to watch them again.

  8. 8
    MFred says:

    Whedon is my new god.  NPH is MY BOYFRIEND and Nathan Fillion is my other boyfriend.

  9. 9
    annemjw says:

    Oh I am waaaaaay ahead of you. Spread the Dr. Horrible Love!

    (There will be blood, it might be yours, so go kill someone, Signed Bad Horse)

  10. 10
    Jessa Slade says:

    Made me want to sing and dance and take over a shiny new Australia.  And how dare they release the third episode on Sunday?  Now I have to go into the office & look busy on a weekend to get my trunk line connection speed.

    Anybody know what Whedon’s intent was?  Is he trying out new characters for a new TV series or movie?  (Please, please.)  A new comic book series?  Or was he just messing around?

  11. 11
    azteclady says:

    Suckiness is not being able to watch these.

    Each time I click on the button for Act I (and now for Act II), I get this “” BS saying, “this video is not available at this site”

    What in the effin’ hell does that mean, people?

    Me, pissed off at the internets (and obviously deprived of Dr Horrible goodness)

  12. 12
    Kalen Hughes says:

    New Joss Whedon Show!

    Dollhouse (it has Faith and Fred and the guy who played Helo on Battlestar Galactica).

    The show follows an organization that employs mind-wiped DNA-altered humans known as Dolls who are implanted with false memories and skills for various missions and tasks. When they are not ‘at work’ they are living in a real life Dollhouse which gives the show the name. One of those mind-wiped humans, a young woman named Echo, is slowly starting to become aware of herself and what’s going on – all the while somebody on the outside is trying to bring the Dollhouse down while getting closer to Echo – possibly not aware that she is one of the Dolls he is after.

    Mmmmmmmm, new Joss . . .

  13. 13
    Becky says:

    Actually I was reading that Dr. Horrible was a product of the writer’s strike, but The Dollhouse is coming in early 2009. The Dollverse

  14. 14
    Vinca says:

    I’ve said this to my friends already, but it bears repeating.  I loved Dr Horrible, but I can tell you already how it will end: unhappily. Why? Because of the cardinal rule of television: Joss Hates Happiness.

    spamword: death55 – a hint a how unhappy it will be?

  15. 15
    KG says:

    Guess I’m the only one who didn’t like it. Watched half of the first one and clicked out. I don’t get it. Really not a whole lot funny there. Sorry!

  16. 16

    Just a teensy tiny correction…this is Joss’s SECOND musical. He also wrote a BRILLIANT (if cheesy) musical episode for Buffy. Hinton Battle, people! HINTON BATTLE was in it! LOVE him.

    But Joss is a writing god. Seriously. Just a freakin’ GENIUS.

    I have my suspicions about who/what Bad Horse is going to end up being, but knowing how Joss writes, he’s going to blow my mind, break my heart, and make me love him for it.

    And as a HUGE Firefly fan (well, huge fan of ANY Joss show), it’s making my head explode because I want Nathan Fillion dead! LOLOL.

  17. 17
    Angela James says:

    It should be noted that the videos will no longer be available for free viewing after July 20th. You can download all three episodes from iTunes for $4, but this is an “experiment” and after the 20th, they’re going to cross their fingers and hope they can make money off it to pay for production costs. So if you want to watch them, don’t wait!

  18. 18
    Jessa Slade says:

    Each time I click on the button for Act I (and now for Act II), I get this “” BS saying, “this video is not available at this site”

    My computer wouldn’t show it but my co-worker’s worked fine.  I’m on Win 98; she’s on XP.  Try a different OS or browser.

  19. 19
    Flo says:

    This was full of win.  I may pay for it anyway simply because I like giving money to things I enjoy and want more of!

  20. 20
    LizC says:

    Vinca, that is a very good point. But hopefully it’ll end unhappily with an awesome song.

  21. 21
    Deep Dickens for Esther says:

    They’re doing a full screening of Dr. Horrible at ComiCon this year, with all the stars attending.  I am so there.

  22. 22
    Tina C. says:

    Anybody know what Whedon’s intent was?  Is he trying out new characters for a new TV series or movie?  (Please, please.) A new comic book series?  Or was he just messing around?

    If you go to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (it’s an actual blog, while the other address is for the videos only), you’ll see Joss’s answer to that question:

    Once upon a time, all the writers in the forest got very mad with the Forest Kings and declared a work-stoppage. The forest creatures were all sad; the mushrooms did not dance, the elderberries gave no juice for the festival wines, and the Teamsters were kinda pissed. (They were very polite about it, though.) During this work-stoppage, many writers tried to form partnerships for outside funding to create new work that circumvented the Forest King system.

    Frustrated with the lack of movement on that front, I finally decided to do something very ambitious, very exciting, very mid-life-crisisy. Aided only by everyone I had worked with, was related to or had ever met, I single-handedly created this unique little epic. A supervillain musical, of which, as we all know, there are far too few.
    ~Joss Whedon, on the “About” page of the blog

  23. 23
    Tina C. says:

    As I told SBSarah, I don’t know what I like more—the smirky smarminess of Captain Hammer, with his hair “blowing in the breeze”, or Dr Horrible, who wants to create a freeze ray so that he can finally have time to think of the right thing to say to the girl of his dreams.  I’m looking forward to finding out how Joss resolves the dilemma—will Dr. Horrible commit an assassination or will Bad Horse make him his mare?

  24. 24
    Jen C says:

    Love it.  I love Dr Horrible- but I hope Penny dumps them both, as neither is boyfriend material.  Don’t touch the hammer, Penny!

    NPH and his lack of interest in women makes me cry at night.

  25. 25
    Susan/DC says:

    NPR did a story on this during “All Things Considered” and I was sure the server would crash before I got to watch it.  Thank you, SB, for providing the link and brightening my Friday evening.

  26. 26
    Kristie(J) says:

    Oh my – that was brilliant!!!

  27. 27
    Robin Nuttall says:

    Dr Dreadful has apparently applied to be Dr Horrible’s sidekick. He’s British, has hair on his face, a great scary laugh, and a superpower!

    submit word: already 55.

    I most certainly am NOT.

  28. 28
    Cat Marsters says:

    I’m just sad because it’s over.  I love Doctor Horrible like anything!  Watch Act III, see the squeeing fangurls—that’s me.

    But yes, don’t prepare for a happy ending—remember the hero is a villain!

    Also, don’t rely on iTunes if you’re outside the US and Canada—they won’t let you have it.

  29. 29
    ev says:

    GRRRRRR…..ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH (had to watch the credits to get my fave mutant at the end of ep3)

    Once More With Feeling!!!

    By far my fave Buffy episode. I so love Joss’ talent and Dollhouse is the only new show I am really looking forward to this fall.

  30. 30
    azteclady says:

    Jessa, thank you—I tried that. Still no joy.


    *kicking rock*


    Guess I’ll hope the DVD thing comes through and get it then.


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