Friday Videos Have Gay Pride

Gay Pride Day was June 29, and thanks to Iron Lesbian #2, here’s a Schoolhouse Rock style gay US history lesson.


Friday Videos

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    Kaite says:

    Oh, dear. :-) It took me until the very end to realize that was a…well, someone who began life as a biological male. I’m not entirely clear if he is actually a she, or if he is a he who dresses as a she for entertainment purposes or if she is actually a she that’s just really, really, really large across the shoulders and identical to the one guy dancing in the background (not the brunette, the paler one).

    We need gender badges or something. Like, “Hi! My gender is ____!” No need to add sexual orientation blanks—that’s no one’s business, imho. But it would be nice to know if someone identifies as male or female, if only to help me get my pronouns straight.

    So embarassing at parties to get it mixed up or wrong! Not to mention, just plain rude.

  2. 2
    Rebecca J says:

    That was fun. Great production values; Varla Jean puts on a great show. The clip seems to be an homage to R. Crumb and Schoolhouse Rock. Its also a lovely tribute to the ‘50s bombshell blondes.

    Unfortunately, the song went by so fast that I had trouble understanding the words.
    The visuals helped tell the story, but it sounds like the song could stand well on its own.

    As I watched it, I was wondering who it was Varla Jean Merman resembled. I still can’t place the face, but she reminds me of someone.

  3. 3
    loonigrrl says:

    Ann Margret, maybe? For some reason, that’s who she reminds me of.

  4. 4
    thebooklass says:

    For me it’s John Lithgow.

  5. 5
    Esri Rose says:

    Awesome! Wonder if s/he really hit that last high note? If so, that’s extra awesome.

  6. 6

    Fun video, but US History? I think not. The entire left coast was left out and I think the history of San Francisco had included some pretty significant events. California, too, as we know.

  7. 7
    amy lane says:

    Yeah, it had some West Coast history gaps, but still—absofuckinglutely awesome.  Amazingly cool.  Two heterosexual thumbs up!

  8. 8
    mirain says:

    As a San Franciscan I must admit that I only learned the west coast story and don’t give the east any cred! I’ll have to wiki some of the events/places she mentioned to get more details.

  9. 9
    Suze says:

    That was ALL KINDS of awesome!

    And hey, happy Independence Day to all you Americans.

  10. 10
    ram says:

    So embarassing at parties to get it mixed up or wrong! Not to mention, just plain rude.

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