Caption That Cover: The Hell-Raiser - the Winners!

I have to pick two winners for the first of what I hope will be a continuing contest series here at SBTB, Caption That Cover. I offered an ARC of King of Sword and Sky, or two of Rhonda Nelson’s books, The Hell Raiser and The Loner.  Folks commented with their ideas for This Studly Guy. To be specific, 160+ people commented.

Holy shit, are you people funny. I mean, I knew that already, but damn. And also merde and mon dieu (TM Nathalie Grey).

While I read the comments and worked out my abs, the awesome sauce people at Harlequin have added to the prize pot. I now have two copies of The Hell Raiser, plus The Loner and the ARC to give away, so let’s get to it.

Snort-worthy entries included Peyton’s “Carpe Testes!” and Jessica Andersen’s “This package will self destruct in five…four…three….” And the “Who the fuck has towels that say ‘dry clean only?’” from S Andrew Swann had me snorting so hard I nearly swallowed my gum, as did Chez’s “Soap on a rope ….. (swing) ….. soap on a rope …. (swing) ….”

*drumroll please* But the top three as measured by the scientific standard of “I nearly wet myself” are:

Sara Fleming for: “Fuck. Crabs again.”  More than a few of you pointed out that Mr. Hell-Raiser looks very glum or pissed off, or both.

saltypepper for: “Mom was right; from now on I’m using a stick to toast marshmallows!”

and first prize goes to BevQB for her double-dose of hi-larious:

Chest, Nuts roasting on an open fire…


It’s a fairly common STD, he says.
The penicillin should clear it right up, he says.
Somehow I don’t think the Doc understood that “I’m pissing fire” wasn’t hyperbole.

Congrats to BevQB, Saltypepper and Sara! Please email me (sarah @ to claim yer winnings!

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  1. 1
    BevQB says:

    … born without a creative writing gene… overcoming that handicap to actually win a prize for my writing…

    Dreams DO come true!

    (Actually, I’m such a dork, I forgot there were tangible prizes involved. ) Thank you, Sarah!

  2. 2
    robinb says:

    yay!  Congrats.  Saltypepper made me guffaw out loud in my cubicle.

  3. 3

    All of them were funny as hell, but those were some great ones! Congrats you three! :-)

  4. 4
    azteclady says:

    Congrats, ladies! *applause* Bravo, BevQB! Here’s to your talent!

  5. 5

    That was so funny. You three are so amazing :)

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