Black romance at the A&P


Someday I have to go grocery shopping during the day and find out who the book buyer is, because for one shelf of romance, the A&P has a better selection than the bookstore up the block.


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    Amen, Sistah!The A & P seems to know their customers! I am always trolling my grocery stores. Next up: Love at Whole Foods!

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    J Davis says:

    wish my grocery store had a book selection like that

    all we get are copies of Super Teen Heartbeet Sweaty Glands

  3. 3
    Miss B says:

    I wish my local grocery store had a book section at all. Ah, to dream!

  4. 4
    LizC says:

    My Kroger doesn’t have a selection of black romance, but I do live in the South. It does have a pretty decent book selection though and I’ve purchased more than one book while also getting my frozen pizza.

  5. 5
    Kwana says:

    That is some A &P;. Give that book buyer a raise. I wonder do they also buy book and sauces or do books stay with non-perishables?

  6. 6
    amy lane says:

    I want to know who buys books for the Wal-Marts in the area, because one Wal-Mart has NO books at all (okay, some…but like, 10 titles on the best-sellers list, period the end) and the other one has 1/10 a Barnes & Nobles.  (Which really isn’t bad, actually.)

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    Tina C. says:

    I get a good number of my books at the local Kroger’s.  It doesn’t have nearly that selection of black romance, there are some, as well as all the current Top 10 bestsellers and, depending on who has a new release out, of quite a bit of the backlist of the #1 or #2 author of the week.  For example, when La Nora’s last book came out, they also had 6 or 7 spaces devoted to her older books and they did the same when her last J. D. Robb was out, too.  Given that all the books are 20-25% off, it’s always a good deal.

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