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HaBO: Your Love, Your Love is Like Tubas

John Lennon once wrote a love letter to his first wife, Cynthia, in which he said, “I love you…. I love you like guitars.”


Gets me every time.

Elizabeth has a similarly musical love scene in her quest to find a lost book, and hopes you can help:

I was hoping the Bitchery could help me identify one of the first romance novels I ever read.  It involves a woman who is kidnapped by a pirate who mistakenly believes her to be wealthy.  When she first meets him, she nearly faints from hunger because he has a loaf of warm bread in his pocket and she’s overcome by the scent of it.  After she’s been kidnapped, one of the crewmen is injured or ill, and she sends another man to collect crewman A’s ration of grog.  Crewman B is about to be whipped (?) for trying to take more than his allotment.  She confesses her responsibility, and this (of course) gets the crew on her side.  There’s a subplot involving the first mate, who falls in love with a Scandinavian woman.  This Scandinavian woman looks down on the heroine because she’s the captain’s mistress by this point, and the crew all insist that the captain has to marry her so she can keep her head up.

The heroine’s meditations on sex are probably the most distinctive thing about the book (the plot is generic and the characterizations are thin).  Basically, she imagines a different instrument playing in her head every time – sometimes the sex makes her think of trumpets, sometimes drums, sometimes flutes…you get the idea.  I’m not sure if she winds up with the whole orchestra by the end of the book, or if it never gets better than a string quartet.

If anyone knows what book this is, I’d be incredibly grateful for the help.

Anyone got an idea which book this is? And really, is there a more lovely expression than, “I love you, I love you like guitars?” I’m all warm and fuzzy from the memorable dialogue discussion, and that just keeps the soft-focus glow going and going.


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  1. 1
    Lucy Maude says:

    It is Betina Krahn’s Passion’s Ransom, but I believe Zebra at one point released it under another name.

  2. 2
    dillene says:

    I’m trying to think of a suitable “jug band” joke, but my tired brain can’t come up with one.

  3. 3
    Suze says:

    I dunno about the book, but there’s a line in a Waterboys song:

    Your love feels like trumpets sound.

    Elsewhere on the same album:

    I have heard the big music, and I’ll never be the same… I have drowned in the big sea, touched the big sky, I just stuck my hand up in the air, and everything came into colour…

    Sigh.  Love the Waterboys.

  4. 4
    amy lane says:

    Alas, I do not know the name of the book—but I do know that in Bitter Moon I, I made the heroine ‘sound like bells.  Tingling bells, Cathedral bells…Yarri sounds like bells.’ 

    There is something so heart-pure about music, isn’t there?  Words can lie, but music is blood and bones and heart. 

    I’ll carry that with me for a while—thanks.  “I love you like guitars.”

  5. 5
    willaful says:

    I second Passion’s Ransom by Bettina Krahn.

  6. 6
    Ciar Cullen says:

    I think “I love you like guitars” only works for me if it isn’t followed at some point by “I love this strange artsy chick more than you and guitars”…

  7. 7
    Stephanie says:

    he has a loaf of warm bread in his pocket

    Are we sure it was warm bread?

  8. 8
    Gennita Low says:

    She was overcome by the SMELL.  Do you not want it to be warm bread that was smelling?  ;-)


  9. 9
    orangehands says:

    I’m not sure if she winds up with the whole orchestra by the end of the book, or if it never gets better than a string quartet.

    LMAO. oh, i hope so. for everyone should have beating drums at one point, and a trumpet of joy. :)

  10. 10
    Kelly says:

    Gennita, well, some infections smell yeasty…


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