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I wish I were made of stronger stomach, but I have been forcing myself to read the accounts of the horrifically devastating earthquake in China which killed thousands of people, including hundreds of children. I was blog-hopping and found that I am not alone in that difficulty. Marjorie Liu is in China right now,  and her blog from China documents the earthquake in brief snippets that communicated to me how truly, truly awful the situation is there. She also provides many links for further information, and ways to help.

Stay safe Marjorie.


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    Gennita Low says:

    You got quakes and I got fires, Marjorie.  Stay safe and take lots of pics for when you come home.  Miss you much . Woof!

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    rebyj says:

    Since Katrina,(and having friends in the affected areas) I no longer believe news coverage of disasters, I know its 1000’s of times worse than the public is aware of.

    It’s mind boggling how many people have lost their lives in China and Myanmar. I’m not sure how to wrap my mind around it all.
    Stay safe Marjorie!

    Gennita watch those fires and stay safe too. You’re in Florida? It’s terrible that they were deliberately set if what I saw on the news is correct. There sure are some sickos in the world.

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    Anya Bast says:

    It’s absolutely horrifying, (which is the understatement of the year. Seems silly to even write it).

    I gave to Half the Sky’s earthquake fund——if anyone is looking for a place to donate, I would recommend HTS.

    This organization’s primary focus is on aiding the children orphaned or temporarily separated from their families. They are there, in China, with direct and immediate connections to China’s welfare institutions. Remember that your employer might match your donation. You can turn $50 into $100 just like that.

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