Leg Models: Behind the Scenes

Bitchery reader Joanne sent me this fascinating link, which she found hunting for information regarding our curiously Photoshopped (maybe) leg model of pink flippy skirtdom. A leg model reveals the behind-the-scenes action, and discusses photo shoots and imperfections. Fascinating.

I still strongly suspect that our model is the same, with the leg moved over and the trenchcoat Photoshopped on top of the skirt – which would account for the strange angle at which that skirt is blowing – but I still haven’t found any proof. Either way, I still can’t walk like that without falling flat on my face.

And in a complete change of subject, while reading about children’s books yesterday, I came across a very interesting profile of a children’s book by Louise Fitzhugh, of Harriet the Spy fame, that almost was, but wasn’t. Sort of.

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    Back in the day, I did a bit of modeling for a local department store in my area. In one picture I was standing at an angle that hid my left arm. Solution? Draw on a new one! Never mind the fact that it was obviously shorter than my right arm.

    They can do anything with computers (though “they” don’t always do it so well)

  2. 2

    I wonder if this woman has any idea that a whole bunch of blog readers obsess over spotting her…  she’s like the hidden Mickeys at Disneyworld.

  3. 3
    dianewb says:

    I love this blog.  I always find all kinds of stuff here.  Thanks for giving us so much great reading material!

  4. 4
    Cat Marsters says:

    It’s kind of reassuring to know someone who gets picked for a national ad campaign (I’m presuming she means US national, not like Wales or something) can still have ‘imperfections’.

    Although I can’t help comparing her idea of imperfections and mine and remembering the last time I airbrushed myself for a swish party—a proper novelists affair in London, actually around the corner from Buckingham Palace, when I borrowed a fancy dress from my mother, did the proper hair and make-up thing, etc etc, wore flat shoes to walk there so I wouldn’t trip…and then went A over T just outside, ripped my tights and skinned my knee.  Yeah.  Picture of sophistication.  Leather stilettos nothing!

  5. 5
    Chicklet says:

    and then went A over T just outside, ripped my tights and skinned my knee.

    Cat, you can say ‘Ass over teakettle’ here, we won’t mind.  After all, if Helen Mirren can say it on the Golden Globes, you can say it here. *g*

  6. 6
    Cat Marsters says:

    Well, Helen Mirren was probably being polite.  The phrase we usually use is arse over tits.

  7. 7
    Chicklet says:

    The phrase we usually use is arse over tits.

    Ah, tits makes much more sense than teakettle. A minor mystery for me has been solved! *g*

  8. 8

    It’s pretty much trying to show the reader that the character in the cover is running or moving at a fast pace. It’s obvious that its photoshopped. I think it’s a fine picture. Not all women wear stockings much and the professionally dressed woman has been a dying breed from a while back. But then again I like the fashion of the early 60’s.

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