Happy National Library Week

Bitchery reader Kerry forwarded me a most excellent video celebrating National Library Week, and highlighting a most startling statistic about American spending habits.

May I say, if there was a vending machine in my world that had Kleypas novels in it? Like a Big Red Box for books? I’d be all over that. Screw the funyuns.


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    kate r says:

    why screw the funyuns? Match the book to the snax, I say!  Make it a chocolate goes with romance. Hersheys with category, Dove with Kinsale.  The garlic flavored chips, definitely with a vampire .book.

    Probably difficult to fish out of the machines, so maybe some of those doors would be better. yeah, and then you could have refrigerated snacks. Put the Ben and Jerry’s with Crusies, lowfat yogurt with the Inspies. .

  2. 2
    Tae says:

    especially if the books are only 10 cents or was it a quarter?
    At least you won’t gain weight reading a book.

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