For those of you who don’t know yet, our new front page has big, big news.

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  1. 1
    Joanne says:

    April Fools!

    not to mention: frightening…..

  2. 2
    snarkhunter says:



  3. 3
    Shae says:

    This has totally made my day!! I laughed so hard!

  4. 4

    Does this mean we get more lawyers as well as more bang for the buck?

    It was a mashup that was meant to be. Well done Bitches [and J(h)a(y)nes]!

  5. 5


    Very good. I was checking from early this am to see what ya’ll had planned. :-D

    I’ve got a bunch of people stirred up over on my blo(h)g too.

  6. 6
    SB Sarah says:

    It’s very difficult to sign my new name on all these legal documents that make me a member of the DAMN empire, AND make me a bonafide attorney as well. Who knew you could get your JD online?

  7. 7
    Anne Douglas says:

    *snigger* Phido !

    Of all things that made me laugh the most.

  8. 8
    Arethusa says:

    Holy shit guys, I nearly had a heart attack. I didn’t even read anything, my eyes just jittered across the screen, as I thought, “Wtf who stole their domain? Where’s the PINK? Did I get the URL wrong? JANDY?”


    That was evil. :P

  9. 9

    Love it!  Thanks for the laugh today.

  10. 10
    Cat Marsters says:

    Ah, April Fools.  SB jokes, NASA running win 3.1, Sarkozy designing for Marks and Spencer, Heathrow returning luggage…

  11. 11
    Arethusa says:

    But hilarious! Fuckin’ vampire elephants and were duck rape FTW!
    Oh Cat, I snorted at the Heathrow comment. Boy, if there’s one thing I hate about travelling to England…

  12. 12
    Lorelie says:

    “Wh-Wha?  Did I click on the wrong. . . wait. . . Dammit!”


  13. 13
    MamaNice says:

    Ah, yes, April Fool’s…you bitches never disappoint.

    The Were-Duck heading had me thinking of…was it Nickelodeon’s character?…Duckula – oh wait, I think that was a vampire duck.
    Holy duck corkscrew penises batman! There’s a whole ‘nother sub-category just waiting to happen!

  14. 14
    Larissa Ione says:

    Dammit. I really wanted to read about Butch, Vishous, and vampire elephants.

    I’m kinda not kidding about Butch and Vishous…

  15. 15
    Anji says:


  16. 16
    Aemelia says:

    you guys are killing me!!!! 

    ty very much…I think my coffee just fried my keyboard

  17. 17
    STP says:

    This is nearly as frightening as the fact that the kids dyed my white standard poodle blue today.


    They also toilet papered me into my bedroom. I sent them dogfood for a snack as school today. Revenge is sweet.


  18. 18
    Chicklet says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love the “logic” behind the launch of the wereduck line.

    (Also, I would up with the khreative spellling and read the J.R. Ward books if she actually did have Vishous and Butch hook up. FYI.)

  19. 19
    Jane says:

    Hilarious.  I wish, though, DA was absorbed by SB since I broke DA last night.

    Just curious, though, how much does the online JD cost?

  20. 20
    StephB says:

    That was hilarious – especially the JR Ward review. I loooove Phido and his race of beta vampire-dogs…

  21. 21
    Jody W. says:

    Dude, I wanted to read the 30 comments about wereduck weiners!  But instead I just got redirected HERE.  *sigh*


  22. 22
    RStewie says:

    Dear Bitches FTW!

    Happy April!!

  23. 23

    got the strangest email in my inbox today…

    “Quack, quack! Quackety quack for a small fee quackety quack POD quack quack! Quack quackety quack you get to keep the copyright! Quack quack quack.”

    hmm… methinks there is a new publisher on the market that may prove to be competition for the new line!

    totally faboo – I’m dying here!!

    well done!

  24. 24
    Lorelie says:

    They also toilet papered me into my bedroom. I sent them dogfood for a snack as school today.

    May I steal these for use on my kids?  Might not be quite fair, though, since they haven’t done anything to me.

    Ah, who cares.  I’ll do it anyway.

  25. 25
    Melissa says:

    You had me at ‘were-duck’.  :>


  26. 26
    Leslie Kelly says:

    Thanks for the laughs—what a great morning pick-me-up!

  27. 27

    Okay, I had to go back and read. How bad am I to think that EC could put out anything were and erotic??

    Thanks for the laughs!

  28. 28
    Eunice says:

    *Gasp!* *Wheeze!*

  29. 29
    Miri says:

    I have the “Howard the Duck” movie/soundtrack running through my fucking head now. It’s going to be a day long earworm for crying out loud!

  30. 30
    rebyj says:

    and here I was just expecting a “sarah’s knocked up again” april fools! LOL

    you bitches exceed expectations yet again.

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