Round To Results: 2 of 4

The last set of polls have closed.  Results are as follows.  See the updated standings at the Official DA BWAHA site.



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  1. 1
    cecilia says:

    Oh frabjous day! I’ve moved into the two-digit ranks!

  2. 2
    loonigrrl says:

    Wow, tough round! I loved both of these books.

  3. 3
    Sayuri says:

    Ack! Gutted Demon Angel didn’t get by….

  4. 4
    Ellen FW says:

    ok, i’m confused.  i’m looking at my brackets – original and second chance.  for both of them, i chose Blood Bound as winning round 3.  on the original, it’s properly showing points for Blood Bound winning.  however, on the second chance it’s showing Blood Bound as crossed out!

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