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Help a Bitch Out: Angel Heroes

Bitchery reader JennK has a description that is so detailed, I’ll be shocked if no one guesses this in one try:

A sweet little old lady volunteer gave me these while I was hopped up on pain meds after having my appendix out, and I’d like to find them again, especially the unread rest of the series. They were older – early to mid-90’s, I believe – and part of a contemp. series with angels as the heroes.

One of the books had a dead lawyer who returns in a different body to protect his wife. He knows who he was, she doesn’t, but she notices certain mannerisms, etc., and finally puts it together when he says some legal phrase that her dead hubby always used.

The second one has a nurse for a heroine, and at the end the angel, named Sam, has to face the music for breaking the rules and the heroine isn’t ever going to see him again. Boo…sob! But then she goes to work and there’s this guy in a coma who wakes up and – wheee! – it’s the angel, given a 2nd chance on earth.

The third is even more murky. All I remember is it had a kid angel (Ariel, Asriel, A-something-el) who had to get the non-angel hero and heroine together and possibly ends up adopted by them.

The only other clue I have is that the series name was a street number and name, possibly the address of their “protection” agency.


Help a Bitch Out

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    Sounds maybe like something by Debbie Macomber?

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    Joan says:

    There was a series by Harlequin Intrigue about guardian angels in the mid-90s. I can only vaguely remember it and there were several authors. The only thing I can remember is that there were certain restrictions – they couldn’t fall in love with or have sex with the person they were supposed to be protecting I think.

    Also as far as street and number- the first thing that came into my head was the “42 Light Street” series by Rebecca York. Not about angels but from around the same time period.

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    katherine says:

    The Harlequin Intrigue series was called Avenging Angels – you can find the titles and the cover description over at:

    Specifically, these sound like The Charmer, The Soulmate, and The Renegade.

  4. 4
    allison says:

    wow, it is so cool to watch greatness in action.  you bitches are the best!!

  5. 5
    JennK says:

    Bingo! (and Yahtzee!) Thanks katherine!

    Not sure why I thought there was an address, but I’ll assume it was the drugs. :)

    Now, to hunt them down on eBay….

  6. 6
    Kimberly A. says:

    a) That sounds like a seires I would like to read. 


    b) Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a RomanceWiki?!

  7. 7
    kate r says:

    HEY, I actually read one of those. I completely forgot about that book and reading the description—seems like the sort of book that wouldn’t slip out of one’s memory.

  8. 8
    Julie Leto says:

    Wow…I’m utterly amazed.

  9. 9
    Heather says:

    I don’t know what any of the books are, but if you like books with Angel heroes, try Angel for Hire by Justine Davis. I love that book and have read it numerous times.

  10. 10
    DS says:

    Don’t why this should bother me when I blaspheme with enthusiasm, but the idea of sex with and angel squicks me out.

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