A Thank-You Note from Defenders of Wildlife

Got this in the inbox this morning, and it brought the biggest smile to my face:

Dear Nora Roberts and the ladies and gents of Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books,

We at Defenders of Wildlife are thrilled with the outpouring of support that we’ve received concerning the lifting of certain ferret-related passages from “Toughing It Out in the Badlands” in Defender’s magazine.  We appreciate the generous challenge grant of $5,000 from the Nora Roberts Foundation and the quick response from your readers. 

When we were first made aware of this plagiarism incident, we had no idea it would become such a sensation! After several days of answering reporters’ calls, a constantly blushing editor, and fits of giggling breaking out all over the office thanks to the witty banter of a certain group of Smart Bitches, we feel this scandal has had quite a positive outcome. Awareness has been raised for the plight of the endangered black-footed ferret, and we have made some wonderful allies in unexpected places.

Though the ethics and legality of this literary “borrowing” are suspect , we are very pleased that our work inspired someone to write about wildlife, and has inspired so many of you to read about it. We were even more delighted to read your passionate words of encouragement, and to learn of your VERY generous donations! These will greatly aid our conservation efforts, and may even inspire a new romance novel book club here at Defenders!

Thank you again,

Your friends at Defenders of Wildlife

Go, bitchery, go!



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  1. 1
    Barb Ferrer says:

    fits of giggling breaking out all over the office thanks to the witty banter of a certain group of Smart Bitches

    This just makes me giggle madly in turn.  Go, Defenders!  What a great, gracious letter.

  2. 2
    azteclady says:

    They also posted it in the comments at another thread—classy peeps, ain’t they?

  3. 3
    Deborah says:

    This is awesome. I really hope they do start a book club.

    Heh. THAT tickles me to no end.

  4. 4
    Cori says:

    Ferrets and romance bitches, a perfect HEA.

  5. 5
    Deb says:

    Totally awesome!

  6. 6

    Muahaha! What an awesome response!

  7. 7
    Arhylda says:

    It’s just so great than an ugly situation was turned around in a positive way. You go, bitches! :-)

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Julianna says:

    Mwah!  Not only do they defend wildlife, they thank bitches.  They’re sweethearts, I tell you.

  10. 10
    SonomaLass says:

    I’ve been a Defenders supporter for several years, and this just makes me feel warm and fuzzy!!

  11. 11

    Ferrets, defenders of wildlife and smart bitches bookclub?  Where do I sign up?

  12. 12
    michelle says:

    What a nice letter.  They seem like a nice group.

  13. 13
    laurad says:

    Those are some good people.

  14. 14
    Nora Roberts says:


  15. 15

    Very, very cool.  I am, however, pissed at the Bitchery because everyone donated so much, so fast, that the Defenders are out of the windbreakers and I want mine!  Poo.

  16. 16
    jessica says:

    Very sweet.

  17. 17
    talpianna says:

    I’ve been sending them the choicer quotes.  I keep asking for a pic of Mark C., and they keep not sending one…

    power83   but I’m only 66

  18. 18
    Karmela Johnson says:

    ::sniff::  Ya, I know, I cry to easy.

  19. 19
    JesB says:

    Ferrets are fuckin’ teh hawtness.  I’m going to write a paranormal romance about a wereferret named Wendell.

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