Really belated coronation for Molly

Holy fucking shit! I think I’ve broken all records with the lateness of my coronation for Molly, who provided the correct answer for the last Personal Ad contest we ran about a month ago. Molly! Sorry this is late. Kneel, and be ye not alarmed by the pot of warm wax and the strips of cloth we have beside us (we assure you, it only hurts for a moment), for we Smart Bitches dub thee:




General Bitching...

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    Oooh.  Memorable name, Molly.  And I didn’t even know you were Brazilian!

    Congrats on entering the bitchery peerage.

    Darlene, Duchess Twitterpants

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    molly says:

    Truly, I am honored! Thank you, Smart Bitches, for granting upon me such an honorable and ummm…refined name.;)

    And thank you, as well, Duchess Twitterpants, for your kind welcome!

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