Free Rice & Warm Fuzzies

FreeRice is raising awareness of world hunger and raising a shitload of money to feed starving people. And the whole idea was cooked up by a dad who was trying to help his son study for the SATs. It takes an awesome sort of person to add “rice” and “vocabulary” and come up with a huge addiction website for me. Now people are using the site to learn vocabulary and learn English.

Now that just gave me a huge case of the warm fuzzies. Right before bedtime, too.


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  1. 1
    Cathy in AK says:

    Free Rice is addictive, but it’s an addiction for a good cause.  Expand your vocabulary and do a good deed.  I bet it makes studying for the SATs a lot easier :)

  2. 2
    jessica says:

    Like I need anything to make me spend more time on the Internet? Really cool. This is going to become an addiction.

  3. 3
    Freezair says:

    Today, I think, is Official Warm Fuzzies Day on SBTB. Hugs all around!

    (Love this game, by the way. I think I was at level 42 or something last time I played.)

    Men84: 84 men (and women!) playing this for a couple of hours could feed a couple families.

  4. 4
    snarkhunter says:

    SUCH a time suck! I play, and I’m like, “Oh, work calls, but…I was on level 47, and I want to see if I can get to 48. Plus! Starving people!”

  5. 5
    Kate Hewitt says:

    Love this game. My nine year old daughter plays it too… mostly guessing but her hit rate is pretty good!

  6. 6

    Friends still haven’t forgiven me for turning them on to Free Rice.  But it’s crack for a cause, so they can’t complain too much.

  7. 7
    Shiin says:

    Love Free Rice.

    It’s addicting as all hell but so much fun (and doing good at the same time).

    Saved my brain during finals time.

  8. 8
    Nifty says:

    I’ve only gotten to level 43.  Addictive!

  9. 9
    senetra says:

    I’m at 48. It’s verrrry addictive!

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