My Answers, Let me Give You Them: The Winner of the Nora Roberts Quiz of Gigantic Awesomeness

Behold! There were over 50 entries in the Nora Roberts Quiz of Gigantic Awesomeness, but only 8 people got every answer right. And the first one to email a complete and entirely correct ballot of answers is: StacieH4. Her answers came in hours after the quiz went live – I was impressed. So – Congratulations Stacie! Well played.

Want to know the answers? Of course you do – and Taylor Reynolds is going to help me, because she was guessing out of left field and her answers made me snort water up my nose.


1.  In one of Nora Roberts’ books, the hero is an organic farmer. Name him, and name the book.

Kincaid (Cade) Lavelle, Carolina Moon

Taylor Reynolds: “Organic farmer?!?! Holy crap, I’m totally not gonna win anything. And I’m too lazy…er…too HONEST to go looking up the answers in Google or Amazon.”

2. Matthew Bates and Laurel Armand are rival reporters at a newspaper. What’s the name of the newspaper?

New Orleans Herald (from Partners – Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 94)

TR: “Just stop reading now unless you want to see how sarcastic or random my answers turn out to be. Otherwise, continuing to read is just a waste of your time. These questions is HARD!”

Taylor, yo, that was the point.

3. Stella Rothschild’s husband dies in a plane crash. When does that plane crash occur?

September 2001 (but not 9/11) (Blue Dahlia, In the Garden, Book 1)

SB Sarah says: I have always thought that was an interesting decision on NR’s part.

TR: “I don’t even remember a woman named Stella. Though she does use Althea Gray in one book and Althea Grayson in another. And she kills off a McKinnon in Northern Lights, which made me sad ‘cause “Montana Sky” is my all-time fave.”

4. What was the name of Maggie Concannon’s baby?

Liam Matthew Sweeney (Born in Fire)

TR: “Is she the one with the wolfhound?”

5. In Homeport who was the villain, and how was the villain related to the heroine?

Elise Jones, aunt of Elizabeth Jones. (i.e. She’s illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth’s grandfather)

TR: “The mom?”

6. Where do the Donovans live?

Monterey, California (From the Donovan Legacy Series: Captivated (1992), Entranced (1992), Charmed (1992), Enchanted (1999))

TR: “Ireland. I love Nora, but you can pretty much bet that her peeps are either on the East Coast, usually NYC, or Erin Go Bragh.”

7. What is the name of the song that Shawn Gallagher gives to his fiancee?

Brenna’s Song (Tears of the Moon)

TR: “How do you give a song? Is this the series with the moon and stars in the titles?”

8. What does Roarke carry with him that belongs to Eve in Naked in Death?

The button of her coat.

TR: “Her heart? Come on, I gotta get at least a bonus prize for this. Oh wait!!!! Is it the button off her suit???” (Yay Taylor!)

9. Name the restaurant that burned in Blue Smoke


TR: “Family pizza joint…something Italian. Why did they make the girl in the movie a red head???”

10. In Carolina Moon, the hero’s sister adopts a puppy. What’s the puppy’s name?

Queen Bea/Bee

TR: “Sadie. That’s a completely random guess, but lots of people name their dogs Sadie. It’s quite popular.”

11. Of what stock does Tom Concannon own ten thousand shares?

Triquarter Mining in Wales (Born In Ice)

TR: “Something Irish…Guinness? Tom was someone’s dad, yeah?”

12. Name the song that the Harper Ghost sings.

Lavender blue, dilly dilly (In the Garden trilogy)

TR: “Danny Boy? Rock-a-bye-baby? Is this from the one where the family owns a nursery? Ohhh! All these families are jumbled about in my brain!”

13. What was Grayson Thane’s real name?

Michael Logan (Born in Ice)

TR: “Joe Boxer. Dude, these are seriously hard questions.”

14. What is the first thing Roarke fixes for Eve?

The heater on her car – or “coffee.”

Sarah’s note: I meant “fixes” as in repairs, but several submitted “coffee” as the answer, because Roarke does fix Eve a cup of real coffee in his limo. So I accepted both answers without penalty.

TR: “Her whole damn life!”

15. Name the pregnant horse that Adelia Cunnane assists through birth.

Solomy (Irish Thoroughbred)

TR: “Seabiscuit.”

16. What is the name of the book written by Jude Murray?

Jewels of the Sun and Other Irish Legends (Heart of the Sea)

TR: “Did Jude even have her own story? Isn’t she a secondary character?”

17. What’s the name of the thoroughbred in Irish Thoroughbred?


TR: “I have so totally failed NR407. This is going to kill my GPA!”

18. What was Lily’s ex-husbands name?

Jesse Cooke (Montana Sky)

TR: “Asshole Marine? No, wait, I should know this one (fave book and all)…JESSE!!!! Sweet! I got one!!!”

19. What was Ben Paris’ brother’s name, and from what ailment did he suffer?

Josh – and he suffered from Delayed Stress Syndrome, or PTSD. Sacred Sins

TR: “I vaguely remember the name Paris. Umm, Nate (she likes this name, so I have a chance) and he had…breast cancer? Probably not.”

20. Under what subtitle did Silhouette publish Nora Roberts’ stories about the Stanislaski family?

Those Wild Ukranians! (Seriously, every time, and I mean EVERY time I see that, I giggle. It’s like that Saturday Night Live skit: “We’re two Wiiiild and Craaaaazy Ukranians!”)

TR: “From Russia with Love? Chicken Kiev? I Heart Chernoble?”

21. Name Cain’s club.


Note: I wasn’t making a mistake when I wrote ‘Cain’.’ Yes, the character is “Cian,” but at that time when he’s running the club in modern-day New York, he goes by “Cain.”

TR: “I suck. And not in a good way.”

Another Note: At this point, I snorted because while Taylor was probably grumbling about her lack of NR knowledge, naming a vampire’s night club, “I Suck and Not in a Good Way” is TOTALLY AWESOME.

So there you have it – the answers. Congratulations to StacieH4 and all who entered.


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  1. 1
    StacieH4 says:

    Holy crap!  I can’t believe I won!  I had a great time spending the day with Nora’s stories while searching for the answers. I had to look up every damn one of them except for the Eve/Roarke ones. 

    Thanks, Bitches, for a fun and educational contest!  And thanks to Nora & TTP for the cool prizes.

  2. 2
    Yvonne says:

    Congrats StacieH4! Truly amazing, cuz I didn’t even try.
    Still, Taylor Reynolds, you made me snort out loud, and that MEANS something!

  3. 3
    JaniceG says:

    “Those Wild Ukrainians”?!?!?!?!? Please tell me you’re kidding.

    And please tell Tracy that I totally LOL at “Seabiscuit”

  4. 4
    KellyMaher says:

    Congrats, Stacie!  I knew my organic farmer answer was wrong, and it really was from a book that wasn’t even on my consideration list!

  5. 5
    jessica says:

    Congratulations, StacieH4! That’s some mean sleuthing.

    Taylor Reynolds’ answers were hilarious. A+

  6. 6
    sara says:

    Frack. I really wanted that bobblehead.

  7. 7

    Seabiscuit.  mwahahahahahahah

  8. 8
    SB Sarah says:

    Fear not Sara – I have another bobblehead to give away. I just have to dig in my big bag of nefarious and figure out HOW!

  9. 9
    TracyS says:

    My favorite Taylor Answer is #14! ROFLOL!!

  10. 10
    Cori says:

    Those Wild Ukranians? No wai! That’s awesome. Well, if Staci got the answers in in just hours, I’m glad I didn’t spend the evening at B&N trying to suss them out. That quiz was hard. Congrats, Staci!

  11. 11
    MaryKate says:

    I’m seriously impressed, Stacy! Congrats! Sarah, I think you should list everyone who got the quiz right, just so we can all be suitably impressed!

  12. 12
    taybug says:

    Congratulations, Stacie! Your answers were apparently more righter than mine.

    I figured since I’m overseas (yes, I’m the one with the crazy Kurdish romance novel/carpet pic from a few days ago too) and a gajillion miles away from my NR collection, I might as well make someone laugh.

    Thanks for making me famous on the interwebs, Sarah!


  13. 13
    SB Sarah says:

    Here you go MaryKate:

    Those who answered 100% correctly:

    Lindsey Hooten
    Becky 953
    Lori Stopp-Bobula

    Way to go y’all.

  14. 14
    Anonym2857 says:

    Hooray for Stacie!

    And boo for me… not because I didn’t win, but that I wasn’t paying close enough attention and muffed an answer I SHOULD have gotten right. Not even one I had to look up, but one I knew, but just didn’t read closely enough. Sigh.

    That’s what I get for keeping an eye on the baseball game and not focusing on the questions. (Tho of course had I just concentrated on the ball game, my head would have exploded from sheer aggravation, so you saved me from myself.) LOL

    Oh well. Next time!  Thanks for the fun contest, bitches!

    Diane :o)

  15. 15
    kiersten krum says:

    That was a fucking riot. I loved Taylor’s answers – I’ve been reading Nora’s novels since puberty (which, incidentally, came waaayyy too early)and still could only answer a handful of those questions off the top of my head. I think #12 and #20 are my favorite – still laughing…

    And why WAS that girl in the movie a redhead?

  16. 16
    colleen gleason says:

    Great quiz. I’ve read most of Nora’s books, but didn’t know any of the answers except the Eve and Roarke ones.

    Loved Taylor’s answers. Giggling my head off in the B&N cafe reading them.

  17. 17
    RandomRanter says:

    I was all cocky at the start because I knew the first one, and sussed out the second one pretty fast and then it was all downhill.  Congrats to Stacie!  And Taylor, I came dangerously close to snorting liquid, so all was not lost.

  18. 18
    Romantyk says:

    Wooo HOOO!!!  Way to go Stacie!!

    I’m totally thrilled for you!

  19. 19
    Nora Roberts says:

    Congrats to Stacie! Hope you have fun with all the fabulous prizes. Be kind to Bobblehead Nora. Remember, she nods for you.

    I believe Taylor deserves a booby prize. And no, not an actual booby.

    Taylor, get Sarah your address so she can get it to me because I think you suck in a very good way.

  20. 20
    taybug says:

    THANK YOU, NORA!!!! You, madame, are my queen and I bow to thee in gracious apology for my horrendous answers.

    I get a booby prize!!!!! YAY!!!!

  21. 21
    StacieH4 says:

    I received my prize package(s) today!  My 4 yr old is already sitting on the mat pretending she is at the beach—in her princess Halloween costume, of course. 

    The books are great, my first signed and doodled ones (wombats, huh? Must be a story there…).  I can’t wait to dig into Blood Brothers.

    The BHN is adorably agreeable and the SB post-its are icing on an already fabulous cake.

    Again, THANK YOU SARAH, NORA & TTP!!  You rock!

    For the record, my favorite Taylor answer was 14.

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