Congrats to Emma aka Meredith!

As per Dear Author’s post today – congrats to Emma aka Meredith – for winning the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. She wins a $5000 advance from Simon & Schuster and her book will be published by S&S’s Pocket Books division. Her book The Shadow’s Kiss will be released in spring 2008. You can read chapters 1 and 2 on Meredith’s page.

Second place went to Starr Toth, for her entry Trust Me, which will be published next fall. You can read her chapters online, too.

Way to go Emma & Starr!



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    Woohoo!!!! Great job, ladies! Big congrats on getting PUBLISHED!!!

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    Meredith McGuire says:

    Thanks!  But this is definitely a case where I should be thanking you.  I found out about the contest only because you posted a last-minute story about it on this blog. In fact, if you look back at that post, you’ll find a comment from me under the name ‘Emma.’  I never would have heard about it had SBTB not been on the case.

    Anyway, this truly has been a momentous day: winning the contest, and (like the cherry on top) getting namechecked by DA *and* the Bitches.  I really need to brainstorm some new goals.  ;)

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