dinner with sarah and hubby

A small sample of dinner conversation with Sarah and Hubby, where, like the dorks we are, we talk about blogs:

Hubby: I bet more people read romance than vote.
Sarah: could be.

Professor- type at next table: Haurrumph!

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    iffygenia says:

    Professor- type at next table: Haurrumph!

    Hubby: Was that a comment on ROMANCE? Did I hear you snort at the mention of ROMANCE? Have you ever even read a ROMANCE? Ever stopped to think Jane Austen wrote ROMANCE? Did you know that 42% of ROMANCE READERS have college degrees? Would you want to live in a world without ROMANCE?

    Professor-type: Well played, young man. Judging by your wife’s grin, you will get ROMANCE MOST TORRID tonight.

  2. 2
    Elizabeth says:

    I’d bet so.  To read romance, all you need is, um… knowing how to read.  To vote, there are a lot more requirements (no violent crimes; right age; at one point, right gender and race; etc).  I, for one, wish that I could vote, but can’t.  I turn 18 the week of the next presidental election.

    That said, I know that many people who CAN vote do not.  Which annoys me.  So, even keeping voter requirements out of it… yeah, I think that you’re right.

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    alaskenhuskyhusky065 says:

    “Romance most torrid”

    awesome line

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    kis says:

    I think the reason probably is, when you pick up a romance, there’s at least a 30% chance you’re going to be satisfied with the result. When you vote, it’s more like 3%. Even if your guy wins.

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