Comment for the Cure

Romance writers, they are a very cool bunch.

Alessia Brio is editing Coming Together for the Cure, an anthology of erotica to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Can I just say, that title makes me laugh like I need not worry about bladder control. HA!

But it gets better! Alison Kent is going to buy one copy of the book for every 10 comments on that entry on her site, up to 25 copies (or 250 comments). Then she’ll give them away to folks who help raise money.

Alessia sent me the link to Alison’s site, so I can unleash the commenting marvy of the Bitchery upon Alison’s site. Go on – leave a note. Tell a joke about boobies. But support this awesome, awesome, effort by awesome, awesome authors. I’m so very very impressed.


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