Our Judgment Knows No Bounds

Marta Acosta asked Candy and me to judge her Book Trailer Contest – and here we are offering our cranky opinion alongside Michael Gough, a VP from Adobe, Ron and Sarah from GalleyCat, and the Bookseller Chick. Wow. We’ll have to be somewhat respectable, I’m guessing. Or not!

But the prize kicks ass –  First Prize gets Adobe Creative Design Suite 3. That’s almost as Hofftastic as a Hoffobiography, isn’t it? So check it out and enter your fantastic finest book trailer.  And if you do one for the Hoffobiography, I can’t promise to give you extra points but I can promise I will totally laugh my ass off.

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    Marta Acosta says:

    Okay, the value of the Hoffiography, which will be remaindered any second now, is about $6.99, and the value of the Adobe CS 3 is $1799, so that makes the CS3 about 257 times as awesome a prize!

    I hope that some of the very smart bitches who design the fabulous HoffLOLs and klassic kovers will enter this contest.  I wish I could give the first prize to Candy and Sarah, because I know they would use their upgraded design skills for evil, not for good.

    Second prize, $300 gift certificate to Amazon, Macy’s, wherever you want.  Third prize, 10 spanking new novels from Simon & Schuster, including Fern Michaels, Jill Barnett, Liz Carlyle, etc.

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