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Hello my frisky little kittens,

I got an e-mail from a reader who wants to know if there are any good romance novels featuring Black women and Asian men. Franky, I could only remember reading a couple of romances with Asian protagonists, period, and they were always paired with white people, so I thought I’d put the question to the very well-read and impeccably-groomed bitchery. Any titles come to mind?

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    Victoria says:

    Anne Stuart’s latest Ice book, obvy. Possibly things by Marjorie Liu, though have not yet read all of her books, so cannot tell yet.

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    Marjorie Liu says:

    Delurking for just a moment—

    THE RED HEART OF JADE features an Asian heroine (and a white hero), though folks either love that book or hate it with the strength of ten thousand dying suns.

    My novella, A DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOWS, has a multiracial heroine and a gargoyle as a hero.

    My hero in A TASTE OF CRIMSON hails from Central Asia. 

    My upcoming book, SOUL SONG, has an African-American / biracial heroine (and a merman as a hero).

    And the untitled book I’m working on will have an African man / shape-shifter cheetah as the hero.


    I’m curious to hear what other books people suggest, because honestly, I love me a good interracial/interspecies romance, but I have trouble finding them, too.

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    Sarah Frantz says:

    Suz Brockmann’s latest Into the Storm has an Asian-American heroine, but has a white hero.  Breaking Point has a sub-continental Indian-American hero and a white heroine. 

    Other than that, I don’t think there’s even any e-pubs I’ve read with an Asian anything, though

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    I have two books out that are interracial. MOON SHADOW has a black heroine and a white hero. Its a paranormal, so African American is not the right term. THE SUPPLICANT is also paranormal. She’s white, part of the slave class. He’s the king of the land, and he’s black. She’s been marked by god to save the land.

    Kimberly Kaye Terry writes AA for Kensington and Ellora’s Cave. Kate Douglas has AA and Asian in her Wolf Tales series. Susan Lyons has an AA hero and Anglo heroine in Champagne Rules. Sunny has an Asian heroine and white hero in her novella in THE HARD STUFF. Her stuff with Berkely is probably also Asia.

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    April says:

    The only black woman and Asian man combination I can remember seeing is in Stephanie Burke’s “A Happy Effin Valentine”—in the WILD WISHES anthology at Loose Id. Used to be available as an individual book, but I just double-checked, and it isn’t any more.

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    I recently won an Eppie for “A Griffin’s Treasure,” which features a half Asian (Indian) heroine called Chana Rafiz. I feel comfortable with Indian protagonists because I was brought up with them, so I’m reasonably familiar with the culture, especially Hindus.
    But I would hate to upset another culture by misrepresenting them, or inadvertently doing something wrong, so I’m chary of cultures I’m not familiar with. That’s a bit like writing a book about a cowboy Duke born in the USA who comes over to England and denigrates everyone because they don’t like herding cattle!
    Since my theme is bigotry and (literal) ignorance, I do need to learn more about other cultures, and I’m getting ready to write about a Japanese character, and a Chinese one (nothing like plunging in at the deep end, is there?). I love what happens when cultures meet, the differences and even more amazing sometimes, the similarities.
    I’ve just come back to the UK after spending some time at the RT convention and that was a bit of culture shock, too!

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    Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    It’s not a novel, but here’s a romance between a black woman and a Japanese-American man. I’m not sure when it’s being released, but angryasianman has links to a couple of the trailers and more info here:

    That’s James Kyson Lee from ‘Heroes’, and damn, it looks pretty smokin’. I’ll be there.

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    RandomRanter says:

    Other than the aforementioned Into the Storm all that’s coming to mind is Leslie Glass’s April Woo series.  It’s categorized as mystery and the love interest (which takes a few books before it starts) is Mexican, not black.

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    Qadesh says:

    What about Jade Lee?  She has a number of books in her Tigress series, I know the first one is a Chinese man and a white woman. I’m not sure what the combinations for the other ones are.

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    Monica says:

    Donna Hill wrote one about this dude raised in Japan who had a black military father.  He ends up in the USA digging a black chick.  Gotta ask her the title.  It’s older.

    Kei Swanson.  She’s a Genesis author (white) and she usually writes Asian heroes, Japanese too I think.  Don’t know if some of her heroines are black, but it’s possible, likely even.

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    Acajou says:

    This is a real streeetch here. Its not romance but rather scifi novel with lots of romantic elements. In the latter books (Plan B and I Dare) of the Liaden series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller there is a romance between a golden-skinned hero and a coffee colored woman. You need to read the previous installments for the latter books to make sense. But there are lots of satisfying romantic couples to keep you happy until you get there.

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    kelley says:

    A Drummer’s Beat to Mend by Kei Swanson, about a black female doctor and a japanese taiko drummer.

    Ebony Eyes by Kei Swanson, about a black female book store owner and a japanese under cover narc.

    No Ordinary Love by Angela Weaver, Black female school teacher/ex-military and a Xian owner of a computer company

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    Seressia says:

    I see someone beat me to answering with Kei Swanson, whose books feature black women and Asian Men.

    Through the Fire and Three Wishes have biracial (black and Vietnamese) main characters, but they’re American in their manner.

    I thought there was one ebook at least, but the name escapes me now!

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    Melissa says:

    Jade Island by Elizabeth Lowell features a Chinese woman and a white American hero.  Or maybe she’s half-Chinese, I can’t remember clearly. Just that she’s the bastard daughter of the scion of an important family that deals in jewels, espcially jade.

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    rita says:

    Dragon’s Captive by Emma Petersen is about a half black half japanese dragon shifter. The heroine is irish. Talk about your United Nations of romance.

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    Sandra says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the sort of interracial romance you’re looking for but I would be interested in acquiring one!  We do have a very sexy interracial romance with a black and white couple entitled “The Sacred Glade” by DC Linford.  The story is contemporary but has an alternate reality twist where the heroine is able to experience what her life would have been like should she have dated a different man in her college days.

    Aspen Mountain Press

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    thelate... says:

    Late to the party, but I wanted to rec Dawn by Octavia Butler for a black female protag and a Chinese male love interest. It’s sci-fi and there’re aliens who are colonizing the humans, but Butler’s writing style is so crisp and readable that if you’re not into sci-fi, I think you’d still find it accessible. Caveat: it’s not really HEA, though through no fault of the couple’s.

  18. 18

    Waaaaaay late to the party but my editor just told me about this post so I had to go searching for it and answer. ;p

    To anyone still reading, my debut novel with Samhain Publishing, Ltd. titled ADRIENNE is an interracial fantasy romance with a Black heroine and an Asian hero.  True, he’s from an alternate Earth but he’s still Asian.  :D

    I have some other Asian heroes waiting in the weeds.  Not because I think it’s popular or anything, I just love Japan.

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    Dorothy says:

    Hey D. Renee:

    Are you using Bagby as your pen name or are you writing under a different one?

    And word of advice to potential readers of BF/AM romance novels: I had a terrible time reading Kei Swanson’s “Ebony Eyes.” The heroine was incredibly weak and childish. Several other readers of interracial romance novels have pointed out that problem with Swanson’s other novels. It seems that while her heroes are three-dimensional, her heroines, sadly, are not.

  20. 20


    D. Renee Bagby is my real name and the name I write under.  I’m going to pick up a pen name when I get some novellas contracted just so readers don’t get my stand-alone stories mixed up with my multiverse stories.  :)

    Even though ADRIENNE doesn’t have any official reviews yet, I haven’t heard any complaints from the readers that contacted me. So, give it a try.  ;P

  21. 21

    Ivy’s Twisted Vine by author Latrivia S. Nelson (

    Memphis, TN is buzzing over a sex scandal that could upset one the city’s oldest black political families, and it’s all centered around one woman – Ivy Winters.  Ivy is a HBCU college queen who has just signed a deal to become a newest exec in a huge marketing firm.  Her fiancé Grey, the mayor’s son, is about to run for his uncle’s seat in Congress.  They make the perfect power couple, but Grey is an undercover philanderer.  When he breaks up with her suddenly, she falls in the arms of Italian top cop, Nicola Agosto.  One night with Nicola leaves Ivy and Grey wondering who she is now pregnant by and leaves everyone wondering if she will marry the love of her life or the man of her dreams.  This gripping tale of politics, sexy, scandal and murder is a page turner that reveals the inner workings of political ambition and modern relationships.

    As a new author, I’ve received over 1,000 requests for copies off of my website, which is secured by paypal.  It’s also available at,,,,,, etc.  However, I autograph all books that come through my site. 

    This is a great new way to approach interracial romance, and it’s definitely not what you’d expect. 

    Have fun,

    Latrivia Nelson

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    Dorothy says:

    I’m still searching for more books featuring Asian male and Black female protagonists. I came across this list on Amazon, which appears to be the most up to date (it has at least two titles I’ve yet to hear about):

    On the other hand, I’m having a lot of difficulty finding the Donna Hill book mentioned earlier, with a Japanese American character falling for an African American woman. Does anyone know the title of this book?

  23. 23
    Danica Napier says:

    Ivy’s Twisted Vine was the bomb, and I’m not just saying it.  The characters were believable.  Like you could see yourself saying the same thing or feeling the same thing. I was blown away by some of the changes in plot, but mostly the thing that got me was the hero.  Nicola or “Big Cola” as my book club calls him was a true alpha male.  I seriously recommend this great read to anyone looking for something that’s not the norm.  I pray to God for a sequet.


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    brandy says:

    Shiree McCarver has several books with Black female heroins and Asian males

  25. 25
    Fran Drake says: has several interracial romance novels, such as If You Wanted the Moon by Mallory Monroe; A Special Relationship by Yvonne Thomas; Back to Honor by J. T. Watson; When We Get Married by Katherine Cachitorie; and Some Came Desperate (Two-book set) by Katherine Cachitorie.

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    Alan C says:

    I’m trying to find a good senual interracial romance novel with a black man and a white woman.  Is this type of romance strickly taboo?

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