That Nora Roberts. She gives any author or writer many, many things to aspire to, from positions on bestseller lists all over the world, to a backlist as big as my backside, to knowing that at any moment, should you wish for a Nora Roberts novel translated into Aramaic, someone probably sells it. It’s a lot to comprehend, that writing career of Nora Roberts.

And now we have a marker that few will ever attain, a moment of recognition so huge that I stop in awe and think, “Holy crap, I so want to drive to Maryland.”

Seems Ms. Roberts is a huge baseball fan – and I bet, from my bitter position in last place of my Rotisserie leage, that HER Rotisserie fantasy baseball team is in first place from opening day until October. And it seems the Hagerstown Suns, a single-A minor league team, have decreed July 6 Nora Roberts Day at Municipal Stadium.

And behold, the moment of recognition that few shall attain: The Nora Roberts Bobblehead.

The first 1000 fans who arrive at the stadium will receive the very first ever created Nora Roberts Bobblehead Doll.

Take a moment and consider the awesomeness that is your own Nora Roberts likeness nodding away at you from your desk. You can use it to build your own WWND Shrine. Working too hard? Should you take a break for chocolate?

Nora nods, “Yes!”

Someday, will you personally be the single greatest author the world has ever known?

Nora nods, “Yes!”

Is your every written and spoken word a stroke of inimitable brilliance?

Nora nods, “Yes!”

What could be better than nonstop gravitationally-guaranteed affirmation from a world-famous best-selling author? Few things, unless that bobblehead comes with a free bag of boiled peanuts, but I don’t know if such delicacies are sold as far north as Maryland.

Either way, I’m seriously considering a road trip.  Do you think I can convince my husband to drive 5+ hours to Hagerstown for a baseball game with an 18-month old in the backseat in mid-July heat when I am pregnant out to here?

Nora nods, “Yes!”



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  1. 1
    sara says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I must have this. Obviously, I must have it to put next to my Tommy Boy bobblehead. WOW.

  2. 2
    Karen W. says:

    While you’re trying to decide, just ask yourself, “What Would Nora Do?” ;-)

  3. 3
    Kerry Allen says:

    God, I hope that’s a new promo trend. “Screw bookmarks. Have one of my bobble-heads.”

  4. 4
    Ann Aguirre says:

    I’m speechless.

  5. 5
    Jay in Oregon says:

    Can you pick me up one while you’re at it? :)

    My wife would love to have a Nora Roberts bobblehead (especially if it’s dressed as “J.D. Robb” from the back of the “In Death” novels).

  6. 6

    Oooooh, I wants one!  My precioussssss!

  7. 7

    Oh, she’s going to be throwing out the first pitch too! Nora, are you scared? (And can you tell I have terrible stage fright?)

  8. 8
    Claire says:

    Next in line in the Nora Roberts toy collection:  The Nora doll with pull string action!

    She spouts award winning prose as well as the occasional bitchipants fuckhead!

  9. 9
    Najida says:

    Can you put it in the back of your car so everyone can see it going “wobbidy wobbidy’ while you drive around town?

  10. 10
    KellyMaher says:

    I’ve got my ticket, I’ve got my ticket!  My birthday’s seriously going to rock.  And Sarah, you *MUST* come!! I want to meet you and I’m not going to RWA :(

  11. 11

    That’s going to look great next to my Alex Lifeson bobblehead.

  12. 12
    Nora Roberts says:

    It’s true, I feel I’ve now achieved the pinnacle of fame. I have the tangible evidence of true success in the bobblehead currently standing on my kitchen counter. What joy I felt when my little grandbabies came in last night, looked, and shouted: NANA! with awe and delight.

    We, of course, nodded affectionately.

    Seriously, it’s a huge kick, and great fun. If anyone really wants one, and can’t make it to Hagerstown, Turn The Page will be selling them on the day after the game.

    As for the first pitch business, this will be my third year doing it. And every year I sweat bullets, and practice every night for weeks, terrified I will throw like a puny baby girl.

  13. 13
    Teddy Pig says:

    I must have the Nora Roberts Bobblehead!

    It shall be mine!

    Too EBAY!

  14. 14

    EEEEEE! I must have a Nora bubblehead instead of a lousy eight ball! I never know what the eight ball will say. With Nora, I have assurance I’m doing the right thing.
    Right, Nora? 
    (She nods yes)

    But what if Turn the Page runs out before I get mine????

  15. 15

    OMG – I MUST proof read before posting

    Sorry, Nora….slinking away with red face! (But actually ROTFLMAO at myself)

  16. 16
    Julia Quinn says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I want one.  I must have one.

    Seriously, I can’t imagine what else could have got me out my year-long lurkdom.


  17. 17
    Helen M says:

    Sweet Baby Val Kilmer, I want one of these so badly. SO BADLY.

    Self, why do we live on the wrong side of the Atlantic? Argh.

  18. 18
    jmc says:

    Hee.  I can see it now—the Nora Roberts bobblehead doll replaces the Magic Eight Ball as the Oracle of All Wisdom :)

    I’m not far from Hagerstown.  I’m an O’s fan rather than a Nats fan, but, hey, baseball is baseball.  *checks calendar for July 6th—empty*  Hmmm.

    Word verification:  green44.  Green as in greenlight, go, JMC, go?

  19. 19
    Katie W. says:

    Since I can’t make it to Hagerstown, I’m definitely buying one from Turn The Page. That is AWESOME. I will display my Nora Roberts bobblehead doll with pride.

  20. 20
    MaryKate says:

    Woohoo! Living in DC finally pays off! I’m going to the game, baby! Seriously, I love minor league baseball games and the prospect of getting a Nora bobblehead well, that makes my life complete.

    Nora, will you be staying for the game?? Or just throwing the first pitch and then leaving like George W. does?

    Awesome! I’m gonna get my tickets now!

  21. 21
    Jen C says:

    That is awesome!

  22. 22
    shaina says:

    i agree with teddy pig…i will be on ebay the second the game’s over! i am sure ppl will be selling them.

    ~the girl who just reread the “In the Garden” series for like the third time because she could and because nora is THAT GOOD.

  23. 23
    Josie says:

    I want a Nora bobblehead sooo bad… Does Turn The Page deliver to Australia?
    Nora nods ‘yes’!

  24. 24
    just my two cents says:

    Can we organize a “Smart Bitches” section in the bleachers?  We can all wear unbuttoned shirts tucked in to our trousers to identify ourselves…

  25. 25
    Jaci Burton says:

    It so sucks to live in Oklahoma *g*

    I must have one.

    I want mine to talk. It should say,

    “Quit whining and write, bitch.”

    In Nora’s voice, of course.


  26. 26
    Tania HC says:

    Think of the question possibilities…

    Should I go have a smoke?

    Nora nods yes.

    Should I have another scotch?

    Nora nods yes.

    Should I kick the ass of the next pretentious twit that derides genre fiction?

    Nora nods yes.

  27. 27
    jmc says:

    Sidebar:  the TV movie of La Nora’s Carolina Moon is airing at this very moment. 9-11pm EST on Lifetime.

  28. 28

    If I ever reach the point of writerly fame where I have a bobblehead, I’m sure it will be used for target practice in bars all over the world.

    Imagine—chucking a cashew at my smiling face while screaming, “Whaddya mean writing epic fantasy with ROMANCE in it?????EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

    Philistines.  *grin*

  29. 29

    Nora, I bow at your feet – I’m not woooorthy!!!!

    This totally rocks my face off.  Screw RITA, to hell with the NYT list – I wanna be a Bobblehead!

    You go girl!

    And give ‘em hell with that first pitch.


  30. 30
    laurad says:

    What time does Turn the Page open???? Credit cards accepted over the phone?

    Must have, must have, must have…..

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