Last Personal Ad Contest of the Year!

OK, chiclets: last chance of the year to be inducted in the Smart Bitch Aristocracy. From here on out, it’ll be Class of ‘07, and you know Class of ‘06 is soooo much cooler, ohmigawd, like, we were old-school and pissing on Jan Butler and Laurell K. Hamilton like way back when. It was so much better on vinyl.

How do you get to be the bestest brightest shiningest star of 2006? Easy. Be the first to guess the title, author and heroine’s name correctly, and a Smart Bitch aristocratic title will be yours.

As a bonus, once the correct answer is posted, I’ll post a short review of the book in question. If that doesn’t make your shorts burn with excitement, well, I don’t know what will.



Chinese I Think I’m turning Chinese I Really Think So

Shipwrecked American beauty, adopted by a Chinese big-wig and forced into becoming a delicate Chinese blossom, seeks hot hot American smuggler to stow away with. We will screw and fight our way across the ocean, all the way from China to America, and then we’ll screw and fight while panning for gold during the California Gold Rush. Oh, and watch out for my adopted Chinese brother. He has the hots for me.


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  1. 1
    Helen M says:

    Oh, I’m practically hyperventillating at the thought that I may get this right…

    Letitia Taylor (aka Lee-Lee), Desire’s Blossom by Cassie Edwards

  2. 2
    Candy says:

    Holy crapping damn, Helen! My felicitations and my commiserations! Felicitations because YOU HAVE IT RIGHT and you’re now totally a part of the Right Awesome Order of Smart Bitch Aristocrats, and my commiserations because oh you poor thing, you read that book, too?

    Woo hoo! Coronation Ceremony and short book review to come shortly.

  3. 3
    Helen M says:

    *squee!* Me, a member of the Right Awesome Order of Smart Bitch Aristocrats? I think I can die happy now.

    I thank you for the felicitations, but unfortunately (well, fortunately, if we’re honest) I haven’t actually read Desire’s Blossom. I picked it up, because (a) ooh, romance set in China (even if only for a bit) and (b) I wanted to find out quite how bad an Edwards could be. However, a quick skim had me smacking my forehead with my palm – the way Chinese was used in the dialogue was so terrible! Granted, I speak Cantonese (and even then, only enogugh to get by), not Mandarin (which is what I think Edwards was going for(?)), and it was years ago now, but I just remember wanting to hunt down Ms Edwards and her editor and shout ‘WHAAAAAAAT???!!’. I’m normally great with suspending my disbelief, but not in this case. So I decided I couldn’t face it, wouldn’t buy it, and would avoid it even in the library. Going by the reviews I read later on, I’m glad I didn’t bother with it.

    I canNOT wait to read your SmartBitch-flavoured review of this!

  4. 4
    Helen M says:

    enough, not ‘enogugh’ – gah!

    *ahem*, clearly I also cannot wait to preview before submitting a comment.

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