Don’t Forget - Duncan Needs You!

“But… Duncan,” she wept tearfully. “I do not understand. My brother’s best friend’s dog walker’s cousin knows this girl who says this guy saw you pass out at 31 Flavors last night!”

“Alas, my fair Tittynia,” Duncan whispered huskily. “Twas not me. I was home. Alone. Missing your titian hair and your Rubenesque calves.”

“Oh, Duncan, shelter me under the comfort of your man-titty for all time!” She closed her eyes, relief washing over her in a wet wave of tears. It had all been a big miscommunication, just like the time she thought she saw him dressed as a woman, but he said it was really his mother’s ghost shopping at Neiman’s, or that other time she saw him at the Asse Castle Gay Bar but it turned out to be his secret twin brother. Just a silly misunderstanding, she thought, blissfully.

The End.

Don’t forget to save Duncan’s fate – enter the SB Big Mis writing contest. Deadline is tomorrow at midnight, PST.



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