Coronation Ceremony for Susan! (Like, finally!)

Apologies to Susan for taking so damn long to get her her prize from the the truly epic personal ad contest we ran last week. (It took over 30 comments before somebody guessed the complete answer. Dude, that is HARD CORE.) Anyway, kneel, Susan, and linger there for as long as you like, until the suspense is excruciating, for we Smart Bitches hereby dub thee:




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    Love the title, your ladyship!



  2. 2
    Sarah F. says:

    ::sob::  It should have been mine!  Curse you, Google!  ::sob::

    Congratulations Susan!  The person who actually owned the damn book won!

  3. 3
    Amy E says:

    Countess Kock-Tizze!  One of the best yet.  You bitches crack me the hell up.  Alas, I did not win yet again, but this time I actually got to GUESS.  That’s a rare thing for me.  You bitches need to quit posting these while I’m at work, dammit!  Yeah, I know that’s when everyone ELSE is at their computers, but I’m a home health nurse, I’m driving across the world at that time.  It’s not faiiiiiirr……. whine!!!

  4. 4
    Catriona says:

    Now that I am no longer the newest member of the peerage, I can quit kneeling.  Thank heavens, as it was over a month!  Congratulations, Susan. 

    Catriona, Viscountess Wette t’Shirte

  5. 5
    karibelle says:

    The guy who took me to the school Christmas dance my senior year in high school dubbed me “Little Miss Kock-Tizze.”  Exactly what relation does that make me to the Countess and do I still have to curtsey?

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