Guess that Lonely Heart

You know the drill – heroine’s name, title and author yields Smart Bitch Title.

Hide me, hide me!

Running-for-my-life bride seeks special-ops man to sweep me off my feet and into some kind of protective custody, preferably in his hotel room. My agent has stolen every penny I made, and my Croesus father-in-law-to-be has just been assassinated. I might be useful in clearing your name of the hit you had nothing to do with, if you can keep me safe from the nonstop assault of my fiance’s hitmen who want me dead at the altar.


General Bitching...

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  1. 1
    karenc says:

    I am doomed to be a peasant forever!!!!  I am finally here first and I don’t have a fucking clue.  Damn!

    my verification word ahead49.  Not so much!

  2. 2
    Doug Hoffman says:

    Don’t feel bad, Karen. I’m here second, but if they never choose one of the eight or nine romances I’ve read, I’ll never get me a banner & title.

  3. 3
    rascoagogo says:

    Is it Alessandra Lamont in “Bodyguard” by Suzanne Brockmann?

  4. 4

    Okay, here goes:

    Is it former model Tyler Stewart in Gayle Wilson’s “The Bride’s Protector”?

    (oh please, oh please, oh please)

  5. 5
    Madd says:

    Dang! Bride’s Protector was going to be my guess. Too late! *lol*

  6. 6
    SB Sarah says:

    Yes, indeed, Bookseller Chick. That is correct!

  7. 7
    Susan says:

    congrats on the title, bookseller chick!

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