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Michelle Buonfiglio of the online radio broadcast Romance Buy the Book is featuring a two-part interview with a right studly individual, Nathan Kamp, romance cover model. Part one went up May 9; part two appears next week.

Mr. Kamp and his ‘licious pecs have been featured on many a fine cover, including the Hot Spell Anthology and Teresa Medeiros’ new novel, The Vampire Who Loved Me.

Seems Mr. Kamp is somewhat bashful about his cover modeling, and likes best that his career gives him the wherewithal and freedom to do the things that he really wants to do, a work attitude that I can absolutely appreciate.

But here’s my question: does getting to know the cover model in any way make him less attractive to you? Or more? Or do you prefer to superimpose your own fantasy into the image of the hero and ignore the cover altogether?

And also, what about the more popular female cover models? Are there profiles of them? I can’t find any.

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    There are women on these covers?  Wait a minute.  I guess there are.  Whattdaya know. 

    Having done these interviews with Nathan Kamp, let me just say: the sad truth of the matter is I can just barely manage to think of him in *that way* any longer. 

    Thanks very much, mesdammes Bitches, for telling your readers about the interviews.  Youz are a some hot tickets.

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    I try to ignore the covers as much as possible. (Often because they’re so horrible, mind you.) Going gaga over a cover model has never made any sense to me (screaming legions lining up to see Fabio? wtf?).

    It’s entirely possible that I’m just a sad, bitter person, though.

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    Cynthia says:

    After reading Michelle’s article, I actually found myself more attracted to Nathan Kamp. The difference now, of course, is that I will be thinking of him as a sexy male with brains and a personality rather than just “some more sexy beef” to look at. A cover with him on it will now get a second look from me—which is good for the author of the book because there’s more of a chance to hook me into reading it.

    This was a great article and I can’t wait to read part II. Sounds like we’re going to be getting some juicy info on what it’s like for Nathan to keep working in a trade where he’s getting hit on and not always by the girls.

    —Cynthia Williams

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    Jeri says:

    I’m in the tiny minority that prefers not to see heroes depicted on covers.  I’d rather superimpose my own image of him, and I have trouble shaking the cover model picture.

    It’s kinda like how you never think of a song in the same way again after seeing the music video for it.  That’s why I stopped watching MTV.  Back when they used to show videos, I mean.

  5. 5
    Mel says:

    This is slightly embarassing, but beyond Fabio, I always thought they basically made them up.  All the heroes look the same and all the heroines look the same (with few—usually horrifying—exceptions), just with different hair colors.

    So I pretty much try to ignore the covers.

  6. 6
    Darla says:

    Oh, cover models.  Gak.  I really don’t want to know.  I prefer to believe they don’t exist, thanks.

    The heroes never, ever look like cover models, who look less real than my son’s GI Joes…. Oh, now there’s a thought…

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    Shan says:

    I would have to agree with Cynthia. His open discussion of love for his wife, friends, family and faith makes him such a beautiful man. And I wish him much continued success.

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