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Freebird has a bad, bad cold, so instead of being outside enjoying the 60-degree January we here on the east coast are experiencing, I’m inside with snuffles the napping man.

But it’s ok. I have Food TV.

And I have to say: “The Essence of Emeril?” Sounds like an erotica publication.


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  1. 1
    Sonja says:

    Ok, I shudder to think of Emeril in anything even CLOSE to erotica. Ew.

  2. 2

    Poor little Freebird (and mommy!).  FWIW, my pediatrician used to recommend fresh air and sunshine every day, unless it was cold and damp.  If it’s not a wet day that might help him unclog those little sinuses.

    As far as Emeril and erotica goes, I have one word for you:  BAM!

  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:

    Darlene – HA! I bet that’s about as far as Emeril goes, too. Can you imagine an orgasm with Emeril?



    And as per your advice (and your pediatrician) we went for a quick walk. It’s not often 60 in January in New Jersey!

  4. 4
    Stef says:

    In my next life, I’m marrying a guy like Emeril.  Dude, I could do the nasty with any guy who can cook like he can.  But then, to me, good food is about as close as anything can get to good sex.  In a cruel twist of fate, I married the pickiest man alive.  Luckliy, he’s also a very wonderful man, so he goes with me to fancy-schmancy restaurants and orders a steak, sans all sauces, etc. and watches me orgasm over my food.

    We’ve always loved going to Vegas, and of late, I like it even more because of the variety of amazing restaurants.  I’m like a kid in a candy store – which to choose?  Screw gambling – bring on the caviar and fois gras.

  5. 5
    Kate R says:

    cooking show hottt men?

    What about My Man Morimoto?

    Bobby Flay . . .but, no, he smirks too much. The ultra-bland guys who do the sort of nameless hosty bits “Unwrapped” meh. And worse there’s the supersmirker on “secret life of . . .” yeesh. Mr. Bland Sugar Show Dude (Don’t know the show’s name or his) does have the coolio dreadlocks, but he’s like Unwrapped dude. Friendly but bland as muzak.

    But oh, okay, Alton. Whooowooo. The man cooks and shows some warped sense of humor.

  6. 6
    Nicole says:

    Reminds me of the live Emeril show with Whatshername Southern lady and her “I like to beat my meat” comment.

    DH once cooked me a meal he got off Emeril.  It was scrumptious. 

    Alton….*drool*  I love Good Eats.

    Poor Freebird.  Maybe he caught my kitty’s cold.

  7. 7
    emdee says:

    Too bad Ted Allen from Queer Eye isn’t straight.  He’d be very doable.

  8. 8
    Candy says:

    Hot men who cook? C’mon, why hasn’t anyone mentioned Jamie Oliver, Mr. Nekkid Chef himself (God he’s so cute) and Anthony Bourdain?

    I was watching some crazy pastry chef competition while down with my cold in St. Croix, and this one sugar sculptor was really hot. Too bad his sculpture crashed and collapsed.

  9. 9
    Stef says:

    Right-o, Candy.  I love watching the Naked Chef – even if he never is actually naked, dammit.  I always want to be one of his friends, who gets to eat that awesome stuff he cooks.

  10. 10

    Y’all, I have parked my child in front of Emeril Live! at bedtime every night for the past four years, thinking it soothing and wholesome. And thinking maybe the child will start cooking for me when he turns five. Please cease & desist with nekkid Emeril. It is as sexy as a Hidden Baby book.

  11. 11
    Amanda says:

    Love Naked Chef & Anthony Bourdain’s travel show & Jacques Torres (Dessert Circus). YUM!

    Put a humidifier in Freebird’s room to loosen up the yuckies & elevate the head of his crib/bassinet to help with drainage.

    Hope he feels better soon!

  12. 12
    Jami says:

    Hot chefs – how come no one has mentioned Tyler Florence? Yeah, he’s kinda smug frat boy, but he’s cute, and his crab cake recipe kicks ass.  Though my 7 month old son is more into Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and (shudder) Sandra Lee (what can I say, he’s a boob man).

    Oh, and here’s a random bit of trivia – my husband’s ex girlfriend can occasionally be seen on older episodes of Michael Chiarello’s show. 

    I hope Freebird feels better!  While cruising the aisles at babiesrus, I saw that they have a new kind of vaporub body wash, or something like that.  Maybe that would help.

  13. 13
    fiveandfour says:

    Sorry to hear about Freebird.  I always hated when my daughter had a cold when an infant – it felt so helpless.  Of course, she’d probably say my hating it was nothing compared to how much she hated getting saline water sprayed up her snout, but she couldn’t talk then, so HA!

    I wanted to second (third?) the motion for the utter cuteness of Jamie Oliver.  He’s just adorable.  Every time I come across one of his shows I have to watch it.  This reaction is in extreme opposition to my reaction to the one I get from seeing Mario Batali.  Because that guy?  Creeps me out.  I’d totally take Emeril over Mario any day.  Which of course means that I take it as proof that there is a God and He loves me as evidenced by the fact that I don’t have to choose between those two.

  14. 14
    Tig says:

    Back away from Alton, I saw him first!! Ok, maybe I didn’t, but I guarantee I’m bigger than you and will sit on you until you give him up. I also have to agree with everyone who said that the thought of pairing Emeril with erotica is almost nauseating enough to keep me from eating his food. Almost.

  15. 15

    ‘Ok, I shudder to think of Emeril in anything even CLOSE to erotica. Ew.’

    At least you’d know when he was done.


  16. 16
    Suisan says:

    Late to the party, very late, but had to chime in here about chefs. I heart Alton. And Anthony.

    I am married to a chef, now acting as a butcher, and sadly it’s not as perfect as you might think. No doubt the food in out house is amazing, but I never saw my husband when he was chefing. Late nights working, no holidays together, and the stress coming out of kitchens is unfreaking believeable. (There’s a reason Anthony’s got his snark on.)

    Eating a daily diet of hubby’s perfect chickens and well-balanced salads, I have had exactly one meal in a restaurant which impressed me in ten years of knowing him. (That was a 12 course tasting menu where the chef was trying to impress us, and we were actually begging the waiter to please stop bringing food. Ouch. Yummmm.)

    Generally, I really bored with restaurants and a lot of the sizzle of fine food has died down for me. I guess burnout is part of being spoiled.

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